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Tempo Wants You to Keep Fit With Its Studio Home Gym

James Frew 28-04-2020

Countries around the world have entered lockdown to prevent the spread of Covid-19. This has unfortunately meant that many of us are now stuck indoors and unable to exercise. However, you now have an option to keep fit while staying safe.


Following a successful pre-order earlier in the year, the smart home gym Tempo Studio is now available to buy. The launch was initially planned for June but has been moved up to help those isolated at home. The company is even committed to delivering their products even throughout the pandemic.

So, here’s everything you need to know about the Tempo Studio.

What Is the Tempo Studio?

The Tempo Studio is a home gym and digital fitness companion. The free-standing unit is large, so you’ll need a dedicated space for it, but its size is justified. The front of the device is covered by a 42-inch HD touchscreen, which is where you’ll interact with the real-time, AI-powered fitness assistant.

Your workout is monitored via the Tempo Vision setup, which uses a camera and infrared light to create a 3D model of your body from a total of 80,000 data points. The software blends these points into 25 essential joints, which it uses to assess your workout.

This is displayed to the live coach, who monitors each class, allowing them to offer real-time guidance. To calm the fears of privacy-advocates, the Studio only generates a skeleton model of your workout and doesn’t display footage of you or your home.


The Tempo Studio’s frame is made from aluminum and weighs 100lbs. The unit comes equipped with 60W stereo speakers and connectivity via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. It is powered by a 10th generation Intel i5 processor, coupled with an Nvidia graphics card.

Tempo Studio Features

Tempo Studio smart home gym

According to the company, early access users were reportedly 135 percent more active during the Tempo Studio trial period. The convenience of a home workout certainly helps. Workout apps and YouTube videos are acceptable alternatives to a full workout, but they lack some of the critical features of a personal training or gym session.

Often, it’s the personal touch that is missing. A trainer can help improve your form, motivate you, and guide you to help you develop over time. The Tempo Studio’s AI-based software uses the built-in camera to monitor your performance and enables personalized feedback. Not only does this help you get better results, but it also means you can workout safer at home without the risk of overexercising or causing injury.


While the digital side of the Tempo Studio is the standout feature, it is supported by a physical kit, too. The unit comes with a barbell, two dumbells, 16 plates, and six collars. Alongside that, there is a heart rate monitor, workout mat, and even a recovery roller. All of this can be neatly stored within the Tempo unit.

Where Can You Buy the Tempo Studio?

You can buy the Tempo Studio directly from the company’s website. The device costs $1995, but financing options can bring this down to $55 per month. To use the Studio’s digital services, you’ll need a subscription, too, which is a further $39 per month. However, the subscription does cover everyone in your household.

If your budget can’t stretch that far, or if you aren’t won over by the Tempo Studio, you do have other options for staying healthy while at home. For instance, you could try out one of these free workout apps and fitness tips Stay Fit at Home With These 5 Free Workout Apps & Exercise Tips Want to exercise when stuck indoors? These stay-at-home workouts keep you healthy without any fancy equipment. Read More to keep fit indoors.

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