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Tekiki Helps You Find The Best Deals For Good iOS Apps Every Day

Yaara Lancet 17-12-2013

Who doesn’t love free apps? If for some reason you absolutely hate free apps, feel free to leave this article now.


Still here? I’m not surprised. Finding an app on offer for free, especially the kind that usually costs money, is a universal favorite. Getting your hands on a app that usually costs $3.99 without paying a dime gives you this warm fuzzy feeling inside, and this gets even better when the app is actually good.

There are many ways to find discounted iPhone and iPad apps — from following your favorite websites for alerts, to apps such as AppsFire (our review AppsFire: The Best App Finding Deals & Paid Apps Free [iOS] Are you looking for a way to get some great applications on iOS without spending a dime? There are plenty of good applications on the App Store that are already free, but it's even better... Read More ) , AppGratis, and other deal-finding apps Find Great Deals With These 8 iPhone Apps There about a dozen iPhone apps in the iTunes App Store geared specifically to searching out sales and mark-downs on a wide range of items and services. Taking just a few minutes to search for... Read More . But most of these methods suffer from any of the three catches:

  1. They’re show you a bunch of lousy apps you wouldn’t touch with a stick.
  2. They’re annoying to navigate — making you fish for what you’re actually looking for in a sea of deals.
  3. They get taken down by Apple for violating something or other.

If you’re looking for a new way to discover good iPhone and iPad apps that have recently gone free, without drowning in endless options, and without worrying about Apple taking it down, it might be time to try Tekiki.

What’s Tekiki?

Tekiki is an HTML5 app that shows only the best iPhone and iPad apps currently on sale. It’s a regular website for all intents and purposes, and no matter how native it feels on your iPhone and iPad, Apple can’t take it down.



If the name Tekiki sounds familiar, perhaps from the domain name search arena, you’re not imagining things. Tekiki used to be a service for finding snappy domain names, and if you’re looking for that service again — it’s not gone. It’s now called Panabee, and it’s still linked to from the Tekiki website.

OK, So What’s So Special About Tekiki?

Tekiki helps you find the best apps on sale out there, and only the ones you’re really interested in. How does it work?

To start, you need to head over to from your computer or iOS device. The website works perfectly on all these devices, although it might not work as well on Android. The main page shows a list of featured app deals, which you can browse for some finds, but after looking at those, I recommend that you focus on categories.



Using the top menu, you can browse through games, education apps, entertainment apps, lifestyle apps, music apps, and utility apps. If you choose “All Apps”, however, you’ll find that Tekiki’s deals are spread over no less than 15 different categories, including social media, health & fitness, photo & video, and productivity, just to name a few.

Some of these, such as the Games category (not to be confused with All Games), is even divided into sub-categories, so if you’re looking for board, adventure or puzzle games, you can easily find them.


You probably remember something about finding only good apps on sale. After all, what’s the point of finding free apps you want nothing to do with? To make sure you find only good apps, Tekiki only shows apps with 4+ star rating from the App Store. if you’re really picky, you can use the filter to go up a rating notch and see only 4.5+ apps, or go for the 5-star rated apps straight away.



Similarly, you can use the second dropdown menu to see only iPhone apps, only iPad apps, or all universal apps.

Tekiki updates daily with new deals and does away with expired ones, so the information you’re seeing is most likely accurate.

Yay, I Found An App! What Now?

Unlike many similar websites that make it hard and confusing to actually get an app, things are pretty simple with Tekiki. Once you find an app you’re interested in, just click or tap the tile to be taken to the app’s page.



Once you click through to a single app, Tekiki will check the price yet again to verify that it’s still free, so there are no last-minute disappointments. Here you’ll also find some screenshots, as well as the means to share your find with your friends via Facebook, Twitter or email.

The download button leads you straight to iTunes, and if you’re browsing from an iOS device, will open the App Store for you.


There aren’t many. The biggest one is no Android support, at least right now. If you’re an Android user, though, you can try other ways to track the best app deals Finding Cheap Apps: How to Track Down Deals on Android Apps and Games There are easy ways to find the latest and greatest apps and games on sale, monitor apps you want to buy for price drops, and get free apps every day. Read More . There’s no search feature yet, but the neat category view makes up for that to an extent.

It’s also important to remember that Tekiki is still in beta, and therefore bugs may occur. For example, while testing the service, I noticed that it wasn’t working well in Firefox. I contacted the developers, and they fixed it that same day, so if you encounter a bug, don’t give up!

Once it’s out of beta, Tekiki’s developers promise a slew of new features that will make app discovery even better.


It’s now super easy to find free apps for your iOS device, and Apple can’t stop you! What’s more, Tekiki sometimes features indie apps which you’ve probably never heard of, so it’s also a great way to discover new apps. You can also sign-up for their email notification to catch the latest app deals.

What’s your favorite way to discover the best app deals?

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