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Teemo: Get In Shape & Share Your Progress With Friends Through a Fun Game [iOS]

MOin 01-05-2013

Teemo is a smart device game compatible with iOS devices. The app is sized at 221 MB and requires an iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad touch to be running version 5.0 or later of iOS. The function of the application is to make getting in shape more fun. By using social media interactions with your friends, the application tries to make physical fitness a game that you will want to excel at.


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The application has you signing in using your Facebook account which automatically connects you with all your other friends who are playing through the app. You can then “choose from 10 globetrotting adventures that mix real geographical info with imaginative storylines.”

By looking at which friends have been added, you can create teams and complete adventures in the style of a relay race. Short bust exercises help you efficiently improve your physical fitness. Audio plus visual prompts along with an interval timer help you work out with ease and convenience. Unlike gym exercises, you will not need any physical equipment to work out using this application – all you need are comfortable clothes and a little room to move.

iTunes, Spotify, or other music streaming services can be used to have your favorite music played while you work out. Your progress in the fitness game can be tracked by the application; based on this progress you are given awards. These awards and accomplishments can all be shared with friends to get their cheers or to help motivate them.



Teemo: Get In Shape & Share Your Progress With Friends Through a Fun Game [iOS] teemo2


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