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Which Tech Company Has the Best Reputation?

Dave Parrack 20-02-2017

The Harris Poll has announced its Reputation Quotient Ratings for 2017. This sorts America’s 100 most visible companies by reputation. So those companies at the top have the best reputations, while those at the bottom have the worst reputations. The results are likely to surprise you.


A company can live or die on its reputation. Which is a lot of small businesses keep an eye on reviews being posted online Ignore These Five Kinds Of Online Reviews Online reviews can be a great way to decide if something is worth paying but, even if you avoid the dodgy reviews, there are plenty of other kinds you should ignore. Read More . However, even big companies have to maintain a good reputation in order to keep people buying their products or using their services.

Amazon Has a Squeaky Clean Reputation

Every year, The Harris Poll charts the reputations of the 100 companies most visible in the United States. The result is a ranking from 1 to 100 based purely on reputation. For the 2017 results, The Harris Poll asked the opinions of over 30,000 people. The highlights are below. topped the poll, with Apple in fifth, Google in eighth, and Tesla Motors in ninth. Netflix and Microsoft made it into the Top 20, in 18th and 20th, respectively. At the other end of the scale are AT&T (75), Sprint (85), Comcast (90), and Charter Communications (93).

Perhaps the biggest shocker is the precipitous drop in reputation suffered by Samsung. The Korean company came third in 2015, seventh in 2016, and is now languishing in 49th place. It has to be assumed this is almost all because of the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco Dump Your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for Something Less Dangerous All four major US carriers are now letting their customers dump the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Customers can exchange their device for a less dangerous alternative. Read More , which saw millions of handsets recalled due to the risk of them exploding Why the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Keeps Exploding Samsung has finally figured out what was causing the Galaxy Note 7 to explode. Now it can focus on salvaging consumer confidence in the Samsung brand. Read More .

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Needs to Deliver

It’s clearly entirely possible for a tech company to have a terrible reputation and yet continue to make money hand over fist. However, fostering a good reputation can only be a good thing. Samsung faces an uphill battle in turning things around from this point, so the Galaxy S8 really needs to deliver.


Do you agree with The Harris Poll findings? Which tech company do you think has the best reputation? Which tech company do you think has the worst reputation? Will Samsung bounce back from the Note 7 fiasco? Please let us know in the comments below!

Image Credit: Josh Janssen via Flickr

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    Well, "Answered by Geeks," of course! ?