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Teamstack Simplifies Your Team’s Identity Management

Christian Cawley 07-04-2020

Looking for a way to improve the security of your team and customers when they log into your systems? Onboarding can be a nerve-wracking experience thanks to lost usernames, mistyped or forgotten passwords, and other frustrating issues. Simplifying this means a happy team, satisfied customers, and increased productivity.

Teamstack is a new “easy to use solution for cloud identity management” with a range of price points for teams of all sizes. It boasts a range of secure identity management features, so let’s look at the benefits of managing online access with Teamstack.

What Is SaaS?

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software licensing model that requires a subscription and hosting on a central location. This might be a remote server owned by the publisher, or a dedicated server in your organization.

Examples of SaaS products include Microsoft Office 365, Dropbox, the Google Apps Suite, DocuSign, and the Slack collaboration tool. These services deliver different software, from office tools to cloud storage and electronic signatures.

Teamstack uses the SaaS model to deliver a system that provides secure and easy access to online services wherever you and your team are. It’s the ultimate cloud identity and access management solution for distributed working.

How Much Is Teamstack?

To get started with Teamstack, you can set up a small team of up to five users with a free account. This provides a single SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) app, four FBA (Form-Based Applications) apps, and basic multi-factor authentication.

Manage your team and customer logins with TeamStack

If you need more, the Basic package is $3 per user/month. This supports up to 25 users, with five SAML apps and 50 FBA apps. The Basic plan adds single sign-on support for easy authentication, apps for desktop and mobile, and basic customer support.

You can upgrade this further with Teamstack’s Professional option. At $4 per user per month, this is the most popular package, as it supports up to 200 users. SAML is boosted to 20 apps, FBA to 100 apps, and you get priority support.

An Enterprise level package is also available. Here, all limits are removed, you can craft custom solutions, and receive dedicated support.

If you select the Basic or Professional package, you can boost them with per-user add-ons. These include a custom multi-factor authentication (MFA), extended audit trail, and security policies.

TeamStack audit trail

Teamstack is giving MakeUseOf readers the chance to get started with its Basic plan for free. You’ll get the Basic plan for six months plus all add-ons, with no payment needed. Simply head to the Teamstack signup page with this special link.

Teamstack’s Identity Management Features

To enhance the onboarding process and team security for business, Teamstack offers comprehensive identity management features:

  • Cloud directory
  • One-click provisioning
  • Single sign-on
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • SAML applications
  • Form-based applications

Let’s look at each in turn.

Cloud Directory

The directory is a single, secure way to manage Teamstack users and groups. It allows control over authentication and permissions.

There’s real-time synchronization to ensure data is up to date, customizable profiles, and an overview of user lifecycles.

One-Click Provisioning

This takes the pain out of new user signup (and cancellation) by streamlining the onboarding and offboarding process. With a single click, it’s simple to add or remove users from apps. This reduces risk, increases efficiency, and simplifies access management.

Single Sign-On

TeamStack new users account screen

Users get access to a Teamstack dashboard or browser extension, with access to permitted apps. Single sign-on streamlines workflow and enhances security because it doesn’t require any further credential entry. As a result, using single sign-on reduces IT support tickets and calls.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Protect against unauthorized access across all security levels, with optional additional authentication factors for sensitive applications. This featured uses biometrics in conjunction with IP whitelisting, blacklisting, and geolocation technologies to restrict access to sensitive data.

SAML Applications

SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) is an authentication exchange standard. It transfers the user’s ID from Teamstack, streamlining the login process, onboarding and offboarding, and removes the risk posed by weak passwords.

Form-Based Applications

All FBAs are accessible with single sign-on via browser extensions, while administrators can assign credentials. Group-based credential management adds further security for sensitive user groups.

Getting Started With Teamstack

Fancy a look at Teamstack? Head to its main page and click Try Teamstack. In the subsequent screen, input your details to create an account, then Sign Up Free.

Confirm your email address, then select the Free subscription plan to try it out. The next screen you’ll see is the Dashboard displaying the Onboarding tool. Click Get Started to add your first application integration.

Browse the list for a suitable app, then +Add. Configure the settings, such as SAML or FBA, then input any additional required fields. When you’re done, hit +Add again.

Click Next Step to begin adding users, inputting the corresponding email addresses, and setting roles. Remember: with the Free Teamstack plan, you get five users. Each receives a confirmation email to set up their account.

Add users to TeamStack

Continue to the next stage of Onboarding with Next Step. Here, you can see the Audit Trail of all invited users. Click each event to see its individual ID.

Hit Next Step again to proceed to Secure your Organization. The trial version offers just a one-time password two-factor authentication (OTP 2FA) method, along with the choice to enforce MFA.

However, upgraded subscriptions get to add recovery keys, WebAuthn, security questions, and SMS authentication (with per-SMS charges). The default OTP 2FA option requires an authentication app like Google Authenticator.

To configure this, click Next Step, then Set Up OTP 2FA. Follow the instructions to install a multi-factor authentication app on your computer or phone. Next, snap the QR code with the authenticator app to enable OTP 2FA, and enter the MFA code.

Complete Teamstack Onboarding

The final stage of onboarding gives you the opportunity to browse the Teamstack add-ons. You’ll need a standard subscription to add these.

You’ll now have access to the full set of Dashboard options:

  • Dashboard: Displays a list of application integrations
  • Control Panel: Displays notifications, tasks, audit trail, and quick actions for user management
  • Users: Lists active users, along with manual setup and import feature for bulk user management
  • Groups: Manage existing group permissions and add new ones
  • Applications: Lists existing applications and allows you to add new ones
  • Security: Manage user and application security policies

Users attempting to use added services via Teamstack will notice the hexagonal logo alongside login and password fields. They can simply click this, sign in, and start working.

Single sign-on with TeamStack

Teamstack Supports App Integrations

Teamstack boasts 571 app integrations at the time of writing. You’ll find these grouped by type: SAML, FBA, and Provisioning.

TeamStack integrates with as many web apps and services as you can name

With so many app integrations available, it isn’t possible to list them all here. However, you can expect integration with services covering everything from Dropbox and Box to Slack, Amazon Web Services, AirBnB, American Express, Kickstarter, Webex, Yelp, WordPress, Zendesk, and beyond.

Some of these only offer Security Assertion Markup Language support; others are limited to FBA and One-Click Provisioning. Many support all three features, however.

The result is a multi-user secure single sign-on platform that can boost productivity for all level of business. From simple start-ups to enterprise, Teamstack simplifies potentially time-consuming provisioning. Enjoy streamlined onboarding, enhanced security, and support for major browsers.

And remember—it’s not just about the team. Contractors and customers can also benefit from Teamstack, resulting in seamless integrations.

Ensure Your Team’s Online Security Anywhere With Teamstack

From just $3 per user per month, you can set up identity management tools for your team wherever they’re based. This is a massive advantage to remote work and international collaboration.

The free option lets you experience basic features of Teamstack’s software as a service for a small five-person team. But to maximize your options, choose the Professional package or try the Basic plan for free with an exclusive offer for MakeUseOf readers!

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