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Tawkon: Measures & Tracks Your Android Phone Radiation Levels

MOin 06-10-2010

Does radiation from your cellphone worry you? Do you plan on buying the phone that emits the least amount of radiation? If yes, then how do you measure the emitted radiation levels? The answer comes in the form of a simple smartphone app titled Tawkon.


phone radiation levels

Tawkon is a radiation measuring application for Android. Cellphones emit more radiation when they need to deliver more power to their antenna. So when in a low signal area or when the antenna is somehow covered, the phone delivers more power to the antenna for better reception and ends up emitting radiation. Tawkon collects and analyzes this RF-related data. The app then shows radiation levels using color schemes.

If you see the radiation level falling into an unadvisable area, you can move or change your position for the phone to work less, and emit less radiation. If radiation levels become high immediately, even during a call, you are immediately alerted to move the phone away from your body. The app also records stats to tell you how much radiation you have avoided by using Tawkon.


  • A user friendly application.
  • Measures amount of radiation emited by phones.
  • Colors codes radiation levels to represents low / moderate / high levels.
  • Maintains a record of how much radiation you have avoided.
  • Similar tool: CellPhoneRadiation.

To see how it works watch demo video:


The app is available for free. Search for it on the Android Marketplace using your smartphone or visit

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  1. Paul Werner
    November 26, 2010 at 4:38 pm

    Nice, an app for hypochondriacs to scare themselves more. I wonder how accurate this app can really be at detecting radiation levels anyway. Also, I bet it will waist more battery trying to monitor the radiation levels, sry, I don't want this