TaskBadges: Add The Number Of Unfinished Tasks To A Text-Based To-Do List [Mac]

Dave LeClair 21-05-2012

Are you still one of those old school people who prefer to keep track of their to-do lists in a text editor instead of one of the fancy time management apps? If so, you will absolutely love TaskBadges. It allows you to keep your simple text editor lists, but with a handy feature that you usually only get with an actual to-do application.


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This app is simple to use, and it only does one thing, but it does something that is incredibly cool. It adds a numeric badge on your text editor that lets you know many tasks you have left to complete your goals for the day. All you need to do is link the app with the file you use, and TaskBadges will handle the rest.


TaskBadges supports three different list styles. You can use square brackets, todo.txt, and TaskPaper. If you do not use one of these styles, you will have to switch in order for it to keep track. If you use some other way to keep track of your stuff, the app will just assume there is nothing left unfinished, and will not place a number over that file.


  • Use text files as to do lists.
  • Keeps track of the numbers tasks you need to finish.
  • Supports square brackets, todo.txt, and TaskPaper.
  • Displays a badge with the number of remains tasks.

Find TaskBadges on the Mac App Store

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