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Target To Host Miniature Apple Stores At 25 Locations [News]

Matt Smith 18-01-2012

Target To Host Miniature Apple Stores At 25 Locations [News] targetappleAs Apple’s popularity grows, the company has been continuing to expand its retail presence across the globe. Usually this is accomplished by opening new stand-alone Apple stores. But while the company may take a walled-garden approach to their products, they’re sometimes a bit more open about running the business.


May 6th will see the opening of the first Apple mini-store inside a Target. It’s part of a larger store-in-a-store idea that Target is giving a whirl. The chain hopes that this concept will drive excitement among customers and give people who might not normally visit Target a reason to step inside.

However, other companies scheduled to enter Target are doing so on a rotating basis. The Apple centers should be permanent, at least so long as they prove capable of pushing Apple products.

Target To Host Miniature Apple Stores At 25 Locations [News] appleministore

Though Target has never participated in a program like this before, there is precedent for this idea. Many Best Buy locations host an Apple display where customers can try out not only the tablets Why Tablets Shouldn't Have Keyboards Included With Them [Geeks Weigh In] Once the love of all geeks, laptops are now defending their turf against smaller, lighter tablets that provide excellent battery life. While it’s not clear if tablets are the cause, laptops have seen their sales... Read More (which are found at many retailers) but also MacBooks and sometimes iMacs. That partnership has been ongoing for several years, so there is reason to believe that Target’s endeavor will see some success.

Will we see any special deals on Apple products grow from the partnership? It’s too early to tell. Some retailers have discounted certain iPad Top 20 Free Apps for Your New iPad Read More versions lately, but even that is often restricted to only the most expensive versions. We’ll just have to wait and see.


Source: New York Times

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