Tapestry: Let Others Stream Images Off Your Device [Android 2.3+]

MOin 15-10-2012

Using the Internet to share images on your phone with friends sitting right next to you can become a needlessly slow process when the Internet connection is a slow one. The image sharing can be made much faster if you are both connected to the same network. Here to help you with this is a phone app called Tapestry.


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Tapestry is a free to use smartphone application that is sized at nearly 5 MB and is compatible with device running Android version 2.3 or later. The application can be used to hook up with nearby Android phone owners who have Tapestry installed; the connection is made directly with them over Wi-Fi and they are shown a slideshow of images that you show them. They can conveniently view the images and choose to download the ones they want to save on their phones. The slideshow is synchronized; pinch-to-zoom and panning the images are also synchronized.



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  1. ATee
    October 16, 2012 at 4:54 pm

    I tried the app with some friends, and since we are on 4G/LTE, it works pretty smoothly and quickly. It doesn't require you to only use over WiFi. One little tidbit we found was that you can download the images directly during a "show-and-tell" session by doing a "downward swipe" on your screen on an image that you like. No more "Hey Charlie, email me those pictures later", which inevitably never happens!