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Israel Nicolas 22-06-2012

Speech to text software is widely available on mobile devices for free. However, you will find less luck in desktop apps as good voice dictation software costs a lot. Of course Apple will be adding voice dictation to Mountain Lion, and Windows probably has some apps that can do the job, but if you need an online solution right now, then Talk Typer is a valuable option.


online speech to text service

Talk Typer’s interface cannot be any simpler. Just click on the microphone icon to input your voice then watch as the app translates it into text. You can then copy the text to your clipboard, print it directly, e-mail, or share to Twitter. It also links to Google Translate for quick translations.

Talk Typer is one of the easiest and cheapest (free!) solutions for voice dictation software. It is best used with Google Chrome since this browser has the best support for voice dictation.

Talk Typer is a great free app for those who absolutely need voice dictation to save their fingers from typing.



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