TalkOver: Instant Messaging & Sharing Platform [Android]

Dave LeClair 13-03-2012

I remember a time where all of your communicating with friends was over instant messaging. Everyone got home from school and immediately logged on to their instant message client of choice and chatter all day. Now, I log into AIM and the place is a ghost town. TalkOver is looking to take instant messaging back, by integrating one of the things people enjoy most about the Internet – sharing cool stuff.


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The main premise behind TalkOver is that when you come across something cool on the Internet, you share it with the app, and your friends all talk about it. So if you find an article about your favorite sport, you can share with your friends and you can all discuss the article and create some very interesting conversations.

Instead of feeling like you have to come up with something to talk about, TalkOver lets you use the stuff you are looking at online already as a basis for conversation.


You can also TalkOver as a traditional one on one instant messaging client. This is cool if you just want to have a regular conversation with a friend without sharing a link.


TalkOver is a very cool instant messaging application that could very well breathe life into IM’ing again.


  • Free instant messaging client for your Android Smartphone.
  • Connect with Facebook for easy log ins.
  • Share stuff from the web and chat about it with your friends.
  • Traditional one on one IM functionality as well.

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