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Israel Nicolas 24-11-2012

Reader’s comments has always been the most engaging thing going on for any website. A mob of engaged users help drive the conversation, but it can also be a source of divisiveness and headaches for disagreeable readers. To solve this problem, we can turn to Talkino, a social network and commenting platform that aims to match compatible commenters together so that you can filter the comments you read.



By using Talkino’s bookmarklet, users can find interesting webpages and use the discussion pop-up to read and post comments. In addition to comments being seen by your friends and subscribers, compatible people can also see your comments on their feed, allowing them to reply back. In addition, you will also find comments from compatible people on your news feed.

Talkino’s idea of compatibility hinges on liking or disliking users. The users you liked become your guides, and if your guides rate other people favorably, then an average rating is scored for you to determine if those users are compatible with you. This also works the opposite way if you downranked the user. In the end we have a web of users filtered for you, encouraging engagement across different webpages.

Like any social network, you can check out user profiles to view latest comments. You can also check out trending discussions and trending websites.

Talkino is a great website where users who want to go “meta” meet and discuss. For many, this could be a good way to move out from comment trolls, while reading only the comments from people that appeal to them.



  • Social network and filted commenting system.
  • Read comments accross websites from compatible people.
  • Rank users to get recommended compatible people.
  • Comments on stories with the Bookmarklet.

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