Do You Have What it Takes to Master Smartphone Photography?

MakeUseOf Deals 30-09-2016

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: you’re carrying around an incredibly powerful tool for capturing both images and videos in your pocket at all times.


I’m serious, if you have even a decent phone, there’s nothing stopping you from getting out there and capturing the world around you in all its beauty.

All you need is a bit of knowledge (and maybe a couple accessories), and that’s just what you’ll get from the stuff below!

Smartphone Photo & Video Certification Bundle

First, we’re going to look at a super-affordable two course bundle that’ll help you master smartphone photography and digital videography (which will also apply to taking videos with a smartphone). When we say affordable, we’re not saying affordable relative to, say, purchasing a car. You’ll get one month of both courses for $9.99. There’s a lot to learn for a small amount of money.

Diploma in Smartphone Photography

First, there’s the course that’ll teach you about taking fantastic photos with your phone. It doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or any other kind of phone, the principles covered here will be useful for you.

To start with, the course will go over how to compose the perfect shot. If you’re not accustomed to taking photos, this can seem easy — you just point the camera at a thing and capture it. But as you’ll learn, there’s a lot to it, and proper composition makes all the difference. It even covers how to take the perfect selfie, because love them or hate them, they’re not going anywhere.


There are also parts of the course that’ll teach you about how to play with exposure as it relates to smartphones. Obviously, it’s not going to get into all the nuance of working with manual mode is a DSLR, but you will learn a lot.


Once you’ve actually captured the photo, this class will teach you to edit, enhance, and share photos. It covers a wide range of apps that’ll get you editing photos directly from your phone, so you may not even need to send them to a PC for post processing (though, of course, you will be get more options with something like the desktop version of Photoshop).

All in all, there are 8 live lessons in this course that’ll take you 3 hours a week to complete. It’s not a huge time commitment, but there’s definitely enough that you’ll feel like you got a good value.


Diploma in Digital Video

Next, there’s a course all about capturing better digital video. Now, this course isn’t specific to smartphones, but rather it’s just about capturing video digitally. That means you can benefit from it whether you’re on a phone or a DSLR.

Speaking of equipment, the course will go over the basics and help you choose what’s right for you. Do you need to go out and buy a dedicated camera, or is a phone enough? You’ll find the answer the these questions. It hits on lenses and apertures and how they’ll change your videos, but that is going to be less relevant for smartphone users, as you can’t replace the lens.


Where things do swing back around to be more useful for the mobile phone-toting videographer are the parts that focus on compositional techniques, how temperature and light affect your shots, and what you need to understand to grasp the basics of cinematography.


When you put it all together, you’ll learn quite a bit about creating solid videos, and for $10, that’s really all you ask for!

Acesori 5 Piece Smartphone Camera Lens Kit

Now that you’re learned a lot about smartphone photography, you might want to grab a cool lens kit that’ll help you push your photos and videos even further. It comes with a Fish Eye, Wide-Angle, and Macro Lenses that’ll help you do a lot more cool stuff with your shots.


These are pretty universal, so whether you’re using an Android device, iPhone, or iPad, you’ll be able to clip the lenses on and use them.


Normally, these sell for $49.99, but they’re on MakeUseOf Deals for $14.99. They’re made with high-quality glass, and they come with a 1 year warranty, so you can trust them to last while you’re out there capturing the world.

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