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Take Photo Notes On Your iPhone With Notograph, Meteor & Notica

Bakari Chavanu 10-12-2013

I’m a hoarder of notes and because of my paperless lifestyle, I use Snipe Capture Your Quick Notes, Ideas, and Photos With Snipe for iOS & OS X Shortly after I started using Snipe, it got moved to my iPhone and iPad home pages, and to the dock on both of my Macs. Let me show you why. Read More instead of Evernote to jot down notes the way I used to on paper sticky notes or scraps of paper. One of the quickest way to take notes on your iPhone is by snapping photos with a photo note app like Notograph ($1.99), Meteor ($0.99), or Notica ($0.99).


While it’s easy to snap photos with the iPhone camera, these three third-party apps help iPhone users keep snapshots more organized, and the camera roll less cluttered.

Meteor ($0.99, launch price)

Meteor is a photo memos app with one unique feature: it can be set to automatically delete photos after a specified amount of time. For example, you might snap quick shots of items you need to buy at the grocery store, notes on a whiteboard at a meeting, or a snapshot of something you want to quickly share. Photos can be shared, using the built-in iOS 7 share sheet, to iCloud, Twitter, Facebook, iMessage, Mail or by opening a photo in your favorite photo editor app.

Meteor 1

Instead of cluttering up the iPhone camera roll, users can simply set Meteor to delete a photo in one to thirty days.

Meteor 2


Meteor records the location of where the shot was taken and also indicates when the photo will expire. Users can tap on the expiration date and extend it or erase it immediately. It might however be useful to include a notification for when photos are about to be deleted so users can either choose to extend the date or save photos to their camera roll.

Meteor also makes use of the iPhone’s built-in flash and a front-facing camera. The app has a limited purpose, and you might not want to pay more than $0.99 cents — a limited-time launch sale price. Then again for iPhone users who find themselves taking lots of photos they don’t need to keep, Meteor may come in handy.

Notograph ($1.99)

Notograph is a similar photo note app which instead allows users to retain photos in folders, rather than the default camera roll. What’s also neat about Notograph is that every time it’s launched, it opens to camera view, ready to take a shot.

Notograph 1


After making the capture, users can drag and select a portion of the photo that will be used as a thumbnail, as well as assign a title to it. To save the photo to a different folder, tap on “Saved in Default Folder” and then select or add a new folder.

Notograph folders

Photos can also be shared to Messages, Mail, Twitter, and Evernote. If you visit the settings area of Notograph, you will find an option for backing up photos to iCloud or Dropbox.

Notica ($0.99)

Notica is another well-designed app for organising your photo notes. This app allows users to add notes, capture video, as well as photos. Each shot gets placed into a notecard that includes geolocation information for where the photo was taken, and space for adding notes.


Notica notecard

The app even includes Instagram-like photo filters that can be applied with a tap. The date stamp of a photo can also be changed in the notecard.

Notica filters

Each of the folders on the Notica homepage uses a photo thumbnail to represent content within, and photos are able to move images between folders. Notica provides useful settings for saving the original photo to the Camera Roll, and selecting the resolution of saved images and videos. Content can also be shared via social networks and backed up to iTunes file sharing.


For its design and assorted features, Notica is well worth the $0.99 cents price tag.

Not Essential But Useful

The above may not be the most essential apps for your iPhone, but if you like organizing your iPhone content in specific places, one of these photo note apps can be handy to use. Let us know what other features you would like to see added to them.

Download: Notograph ($1.99) / Meteor ($0.99) / Notica ($0.99)

Do you use an app to organise your quick photo notes? Add your thoughts below this article.

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  1. Rowena
    December 30, 2016 at 8:04 pm

    I've used Notograph for 2-3 years and love it. I just received an iPhone 7 for Christmas and discovered Notograph no longer exists. I tried looking into the other two you have listed (Meteor and Notica) and can't find them either.

    Have you done any reviews on any photo note apps for iPhone 7?

  2. Aydin
    December 15, 2013 at 7:07 pm

    Why do somebody need to use these apps? there is Evernote app and do the same job and more and its free

    • Bakari Chavanu
      December 16, 2013 at 12:28 am

      Aydin, thanks for asking. I don't like dumping stuff in Evernote like used to. It's time consuming to open Evernote just to add a photo or quick note. And then when Evernote gets stuffed with too many items, I have to spend time cleaning it out. So I mainly use these two note apps for quickly snapping photos that I won't hang onto very long.