Take Me Back To: Find What Happened At A Specific Date

Hammad 13-06-2012

Take Me Back to is a website that will revive all of the nostalgic memories of the time you want. The date can be specified on the website and it will show you some important events that occurred on that specific date.


Take Me Back To: Find What Happened At A Specific Date Takemeback

There are many people out there who would be interested in knowing the events that happened on a specific date, for example their birthday. Once you visit the website, you can enter the date into the “Text Box” such as “19th January 1995” and click “Take Me Back”. The website will then find events that occurred on that date.

The website will tell you the day it was, for example Monday or Friday or whatever day of the week it was, and will also tell you important events and achievements of that day. These special events include Music Charts, Magazine Covers, Movies, Books, Astrology, Fashion, Advertisement, and many more.


  • Find nostalgic events that occurred on a specific date.
  • Know how the world looked like on your Birthday, or any date you want.
  • Great for history buffs.

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