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Joel Lee 20-08-2014

Sometimes, you just need a break. Not just from the stresses of life, but from those time-consuming games that require a lot of investment and commitment The Best Roguelikes to Play When You're on a Coffee Break Some roguelikes can take a while to beat. What if your time is limited? Introducing the coffeebreak roguelike! Read More . The next time you want to lose yourself for a little while, these web games should be your first stop.


Normally, people flock to mobile games for quick entertainment. We have our own collection of awesome Android games Mobile Gaming Comes Of Age: Best Android Games In 2013 Shooters, runners, arcade, racing, puzzles -- we show you the best games released in 2013 for just about every genre. Beware, addictive picks inside. Read More and hot iOS games 10 Hot iOS Games To Look Forward To In 2014 You'd better hope you've still got plenty of free space available because 2014 looks set to deliver some of the finest mobile gaming experiences to date Read More to play. We’ve even compiled a list of great mobile games you can play in a browser No Smartphone, No Problem: 7 Great Mobile Games To Play In Your Browser Read More . But if you really want to relax while you play, keep reading.



This here is one of the most relaxing games on the Internet. The concept of Entanglementis nothing new – it’s quite reminiscent of Pipe Dream which came bundled with older versions of Windows – but it’s a brilliant take on the idea that expands the tile shape from squares to hexagons, thus opening up an extra level of depth.

Yet despite the extra thought necessary to play well, you don’t need to think at all if you don’t want to. The Asian influence in the game’s theme is present in the calming background music and the sound effects are soft yet full. Be careful when you launch this game because you may lose a few hours without realizing it.

Mini Metro



Mini Metro is a minimalistic indie web game that simulates the strategy and logistics behind running a metro transit network.

The game world is nothing more than a set of metro stations, each represented by a particular shape. At each station, smaller shapes accumulate and these represent the passengers that wait. The goal of the game is to connect the stations such that there is no build-up of angry passengers at any station.

It’s a beautifully simple game that proves to be surprisingly engrossing.




It doesn’t get any simpler than a game that only requires one mouse button. In Solipskier, you draw out the terrain on which the main character, a skier, must navigate. Everything is in a side viewpoint and the world is constantly scrolling away, so the trick is to draw terrain that maximizes your points while under pressure.

How do you gain points? By skiing through special areas of the world and avoiding obstacles that might get in your way. This all sounds more complicated than it really is. In practice, you can just hold down your mouse button and see how well you do. It’s mindless but exciting fun.



Winterbells is an old web game – so old, in fact, that many of those who know about the game have likely forgotten about it by now. Yet, the game still exists and it’s just as fun and soothing today as it was back when it first hit the web. It would be a shame if nobody remembered this game, so here’s a gentle reminder.


All you need to play Winterbells is your mouse. You play as a jumping rabbit that can only continue jumping by touching the various bells that hang in the sky. The higher you go, the more each bell is worth in points but greater too is the risk of enemies and obstacles that’ll get in your way.

The best part, however, is the lighthearted background music. If you haven’t heard it yet, then this game is worth playing for the music alone.

Stealth Assassin


Stealth Assassin is a brilliant way to spend some time, whether you have a long stretch of hours or just a few minutes here and there. As expected, it’s a stealth game where you need to carefully dispatch targets while evading the guards on patrol.


The brilliance of Stealth Assassin is that it’s tactical enough that it never becomes boring, yet not so tactical that you need to think very hard. The responsive controls feel great and the two special abilities – you can sprint and temporarily cloak yourself – add just enough spice to keep the game from feeling too repetitive.

Flow [No Longer Available]


It’s impossible to talk about soothing coffee break web games without mentioning Flow. Developed by game designer Jenova Chen, this beautiful game is not so much a game as it is an experiment built on a psychological phenomenon known as “flow theory”.

In short, flow theory tries to explain the circumstances that cause us to be “in the zone” during an activity, such as playing a video game. According to the theory, this happens when we strike the perfect balance between challenge and ability. If it’s too easy, it causes boredom. If it’s too difficult, it causes anxiety.

Flow is a well-known attempt at exploring the connection between flow theory and fun. Don’t care about any of that? No problem. Just launch the game and play around with it and you may soon find yourself “in the zone.”

Still looking for more games to play? Check out these quick-to-play roguelikes The Best Roguelikes to Play When You're on a Coffee Break Some roguelikes can take a while to beat. What if your time is limited? Introducing the coffeebreak roguelike! Read More while you’re at it.

What other web games do you play to relax and pass time? There are plenty out there, many of which are hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Share them with us by posting a comment below!

Image Credits: man with cup of coffee using laptop Via Shutterstock

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  1. Chrisv
    August 21, 2014 at 1:35 pm

    someone needs to bring back that Sopwith flying game!

  2. Howard B
    August 20, 2014 at 8:35 pm

    Some notable web games I remember:
    Santa Balls
    Spank the Frank (Frank's a penguin, don't get all puritan on me!)
    Elf Bowling
    ...all non-Politically Correct games with a Christmas theme, since Santa's Elves appear in all.

  3. Guy M
    August 20, 2014 at 6:40 pm

    I still find the games at fun. Been playing those off and on for over 10 years.