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Tailor Your Twitter Experience With These 3 Tools

Akshata Shanbhag 11-06-2014

With the right tools, Twitter need not be just another overwhelming social network.


Twitter combines the networking potential of Linkedin and the informal air of Facebook to give netizens a 140-character-strong soapbox, and does a pretty good job of it. It has a little something for everyone, and is always teeming with ideas, opinions, and conversations. Unfortunately, what could prove to be valuable to you gets buried under the constant online chatter. The good news is that there are tools that eliminate the noise and put you in control of your Twitter experience.

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Before we introduce you to some new interesting Twitter tools, let’s take a look at some of the ones that we have already covered. To begin with, there’s the excellent Twipster plugin for Chrome and Safari, which transforms the Twitter interface into something clean, inviting, and uber simple. If your Twitter stream is replete with useless content, JustUnFollow those annoying people Find & Remove Uninteresting Twitter & Instagram Users With JustUnFollow If many of your Twitter followers have become strangers, spammers, and social annoyances, it might a good to time to cut back your "friends" list. Read More responsible for it or use Silencer to prevent such content from showing up. You also have Twitter’s dedicated Mute button at your disposal to tone down the noise levels further. Here are three more tools to ensure that you get more out of Twitter.


Twazzup helps you keep up with your interests through Twitter by providing detailed monitoring and analytics features. It combines the workings of a search engine with Twitter’s real-time update mechanism to give you quick insight into any subject matter.


To test it out, sign in to Twazzup using Twitter, authorize the app, type in a keyword or hashtag, and hit Monitor. When I searched for makeuseof, Twazzup went to work and presented me with a long list of relevant results, neatly categorized with labels like Top InfluencersTweets by InfluencersTop RT LinksGoogle News Alerts, etc. The tool also showed related top keywords and hashtags.



With Twazzup’s analytics you can find interesting people to follow, narrow down the movers and shakers in your Twitter space, and know which conversations are revolving around you or your brand. Use these insights to tweak your Twitter strategy, increase your social influence, and enhance your overall Twitter experience. One major drawback of the app is that you have to search afresh (and manually) every time. This is because there is no option to save search results or monitor keywords automatically. Nevertheless, the search functionality is simple and useful.

EverPost [No Longer Available]

The kind of content you share plays an important role in expanding your reach on Twitter. By curating the best of the Web based on categories recommended by you, EverPost helps you present your audience with fresh and interesting content regularly. It also pinpoints the optimal time to post your tweets. With the forever-free plan, you can schedule up to 10 tweets beforehand.



The gamification and quotes features that come with the two paid plans are a nice touch. You can try them both with the app’s free 14-day trial. EverPost is not just a Twitter tool. It’s a social media dashboard that delivers personalized content and allows you to share it with your audience across Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Google Plus.


TweetPockit [No Longer Available]

P is for Pocket. That is all you need to remember while using TweetPockit, a Pocket app and Twitter client rolled into one. Don’t confuse the app with TweetPocket, an old iPhone and desktop Twitter client.

Twitter is an immensely popular platform for sharing content. Pocket is just as popular a service for bookmarking content. If you use both regularly, TweetPockit is a handy tool to have. After you sign in to TweetPockit and link it with your Pocket account, a gallery view of your Twitter timeline pops up. You can retweet, reply, favorite, and search tweets as you would from your Twitter account. If you want to modify settings or check DMs, you’ll have to revert to Twitter’s default interface.



To save a link to your Pocket account, all you need to do is press P on your keyboard. If you want to add tags first, press A (for Annotate) before you Pocket the link. Navigate to the Help section in the top bar for information on keyboard shortcuts. The blue-gray interface might not appeal to you, but the ease of use of the app is likely to win you over. TweetPockit is still in beta, so you might encounter a bug or two.

Tweet On!

If you don’t monitor and tweak your Twitter experience on a regular basis, you’re sure to get frustrated with the incessant barrage of tweets, especially if they are not useful to you. It’s a good idea to clean up your Twitter act in order to make the best of this social media platform.

Are there any apps that cut through the noise and bring you the best of Twitter? Please share them in the comments.


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  1. Dann A
    June 11, 2014 at 6:58 pm

    EverPost looks really cool! That would be extremely useful for the online marketing that I've been doing. I'll definitely be trying it out.

    Very useful post!

    • Akshata
      June 15, 2014 at 5:35 am

      EverPost is definitely the best of the lot. Though with so many cool tools for Twitter, it's toughing sticking to a few.
      Thanks for reading, Dann :)