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You Can Now Tag Reddit Posts With Your Location

Dave Parrack 31-05-2017

Reddit now lets users tag their posts with a location. This means that whether you’re posting a photo of a meal at a local restaurant The 6 Best Restaurant Picker Apps to Help You Decide Where to Eat Can't decide what to eat? Check out these restaurant picker apps for Android and iPhone that'll help choose where to eat. Read More or a funny-looking cat that’s moved into your neighborhood, you can now tell people exactly where you were at the time. But only if you want to do so.


Reddit is slowly but surely cleaning up its act, and evolving into a mature social network. The latest stop on this journey, which is as a result of a partnership with location experts, Foursquare, is the option for users to geotag their posts on the self-styled “front page of the internet”.

Add a Location to Your Reddit Posts

Now, when posting to Reddit using the official app on Android or on iOS, you’ll have the option of tagging it with a specific location. All you need to do is click “Add Location”, search Foursquare’s directory, and tag your post with the location linked to whatever it is you’re posting.

This is entirely optional, so if you’d rather not add a location to any of your posts you don’t have to do so. Or, as we suspect will be the case for most people, you can add a location to posts which justify that extra layer of contextual information. If you’re at a famous landmark, for example.

In a Medium post by Foursquare, David Ban, its director of business development, said, “The Reddit team cares deeply about finding ways to enhance the creator experience on their platform, and Foursquare’s API is a natural addition, providing key location context when it’s needed.”

Reddit Is Slowly But Surely Evolving

This may seem like a small and rather insignificant feature, and one which every other social platform has had for forever. But that’s the point. It’s another sign of Reddit’s ongoing efforts to become more than just a backwater where anonymous people throw barbs at each other. And with Reddit users getting their own user profiles Reddit Adds Profile Pages to Be More Like Facebook Reddit is now offering users their own profile pages. These profile pages will provide users with their own tiny slice of Reddit to do with as they please. Read More too, Reddit is morphing into something new.


Do you use Reddit? Do you like adding your location to social media posts? Are you likely to start adding your location to Reddit posts? If so, why? What’s the appeal of telling everyone where you’re located at any given moment? Please let us know in the comments below!

Image Credit: Niklas Bildhauer via Flickr

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