TablesTest: A Great Resource For Children Learning Multiplication
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In school I remember having to learn my “times tables” to the point of being able to repeat them as some robot-like chant. It wasn’t the most fun part of my education, but then again it did the job. Using a grid is another excellent way of learning multiplication, and a new website called TablesTest takes the grid approach as well as quick-fire sums to help children master multiplication.

children learning multiplication

The website which is currently in beta features six levels of quizzes, each with multiple-choice answers. As each question is answered that particular sum is added to the grid on the left, building a working knowledge of times tables. At the end of each round of questions a score is awarded based on accuracy and speed, with the ability to register and save your scores (and subsequently monitor a child’s progress) available once you’ve finished a round of questions.


It can be a little confusing isolating the number you want from the pool of multiple choice questions, especially in the later levels where there are a lot of buttons to accidentally hit. If it gets children interested in mathematics then it’s got to be a winner.


  • Learn multiplication using a grid-system.
  • Features six levels of questions with points for correct answers and speed.
  • Register a username and password in order to save results.
  • Great for testing memory, especially if it’s been a while since you set foot inside a classroom!

Check out TablesTest @

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  1. ashutoshdave
    March 20, 2013 at 10:14 am

    I tried it out but I get only 10 points!! I guess there might be some problem.