TabSplit: Split the Tab & Bills With Friends Quickly & Easily

Dave LeClair 10-02-2012

Tab Split is a cool service that is designed to allow you to split up a tab or a bill with a group of friends and keep track of how much each person has paid, and how much each owes. A service like this would be incredibly useful for roommates who need to keep track of rent and the various other expenses that come with having a place to live. It makes it so you can never argue about who paid last, because you will always have an organized record.


split bills with friends

Tab Split comes in two flavors – a web app and an Android app. Either way, they both offer the same functionality. You can use them to keep track of giving or paying back a loan, sharing a bill and paying tabs and split bills at restaurants or bars.


They designed the app in a way that anyone can use. You simply enter in the information and it will figure out the rest for you. They made registration a breeze because you can create an account with Google and many other popular accounts you already have. If you need to keep track of expenses, this application is a great option that is easy and free.



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