Sys Information: Easily Keep Track Of All Important System Processes On Your PC

Dave LeClair 11-07-2012

Windows has a built-in system information tab, and much of the time it can be quite useful. However, it does not display everything you need to know, which causes you to bounce around from place to place to get the data you need. Sys Information solves that problem by putting all the information on your PC in one easy to use application. Whether you want to know about your HDD, graphics card, processor or memory, the data is available from Sys Information.


track system processes

Everything is broken down into tabs. If you want more information about your graphics card, click the graphics card tab, processor, click its tab and so on. It’s a clean interface and it is easy to find all the important data about your computer. After all, it’s hard to fix an issue with your machine if you do not know what the issue is.


Another nice feature of Sys Information is that the information is constantly updated. This allows you to keep tabs on information by the minute. When you are trying to find a PC issue, current information is key.


  • Easy to use system monitor tool.
  • Tells you everything about every part of your PC.
  • Driver information.
  • Generate detailed reports of your system and save it in a text file.

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