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Being a writer, I know the importance of playing with words so that the reader doesn’t get bored. And that’s the reason why I just love it when I find a tool like Synonym-Finder. It is a free dictionary of synonyms online and does exactly what it says – finding synonyms of a word. It’s got a neat interface. You just need to type the word for which you need synonyms, and it will show them, along with definitions and how they should be used.

dictionary of synonyms on line

find synonymous

Although the site primarily aims at helping you find synonyms, it can find antonyms easily too. Plus there’s a definition section which you could use if you are only interested in looking up definition of a word.

Overall, it’s a simple and easy-to-use tool worth bookmarking.


  • Find synonymous words online.
  • No registration required. Type in a word and you get the results.
  • The results are neatly displayed with synonyms, definitions and word usage.
  • Also find antonyms and word definitions.
  • Similar sites: Thsrs.

Check out Synonym-Finder @ www.synonym-finder.com

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