Easy Instant Collaboration on Documents Online
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There are a lot of collaborations tools on the web, but if you need a way to quickly hack out a document with a group of people, is your best bet.

With this instant collaboration tool there’s no need for registration: all you need to do to work on a document with someone else is send them a link. Just like that you’re working together with someone in the perfect collaborative environment. Each user is assigned their own color; all work created by that users will be highlighted with that color.

Users can see each other’s edits in real time, making this the perfect way to jointly work on a document from far away.

instant collaboration

If you want to discuss the particulars of the project you’re working on, there is a chat function in the same window just to the right of the document. This allows for discussion without disrupting the content.

If you want a desktop client, you can download a program for Linux, Mac and Windows. This will allow you to create documents with the click of a button, and also to quickly open any of your documents (in a web browser.)

All the functionality described here is available for free. Business owners will be interested to know that a pro version, for $2 per month per user, offers additional features including a custom domain (eg., publicly visible notes, bulk export and more.

instant collaboration


  • Collaborate on documents online.
  • Changes made are reflected instantly, color coded by user.
  • Chat embedded into window.
  • Free version quite functional; Pro version offers business-centric functions.
  • Similar sites: Notapipe, CollabEdit and AmyEditor.

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