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How to Sync Your Clipboard Between Mac and Windows

Lori Kaufman 18-10-2017

Do you ever wish you could copy something on one device and paste it directly on another? macOS Sierra made this automatic 5 Reasons to Install macOS Sierra Right Now & How to Upgrade After a few months of public beta, the latest version of Apple's desktop operating system is ready for prime time. Read More for iPhone users, and it’s also easy to share a clipboard between Windows and Android How to Share Your Windows Clipboard with Your Android Device & Vice Versa Ever wished you could share a URL or a snippet of text from your phone to your PC or vice versa? Your wish shall come true. We'll show you how to sync your clipboards. Read More .


But what if you often switch between Windows and Mac machines? Fortunately you can share more than just files How to Share Files Between Windows & Mac without AirDrop AirDrop only works for Apple devices. Here we introduce equally simple solutions that are free, require no cable or other hardware, and can transfer large files between Windows and Mac over a wireless connection. Read More by setting up a shared clipboard to simplify your cross-platform setup.

Today well look at 1Clipboard, which uses your Google account to sync clipboard data between all of your Mac and Windows computers. If you don’t yet have a Google account, you should create a new one first.

Set Up 1Clipboard

Download 1Clipboard and install it on all the Mac and Windows computers among which you want to share clipboard content. Currently, 1Clipboard is only available for macOS and Windows, not Linux.

Note: We’ll show the setup procedure on Mac, but the steps are the same for Mac and Windows.

Run 1Clipboard on both (or all) machines you want synced. On a Mac, you’ll need to click Open on the following warning dialog box.

1clipboard windows mac linux sync clipboard

You’re asked if you want to Sign in to Google to synchronize clipboard on multiple computers. This is the default choice and we’re going to accept it for our example.

If you just want to use 1Clipboard as a clipboard manager, select No, thanks. I will use it on this computer. You can use 1Clipboard only as a clipboard manager on the current computer if you would rather not sync among your computers.

1clipboard windows mac linux sync clipboard

If you chose to sign in to your Google account, enter your Gmail address on the Sign in screen, and then enter your password when asked.

1clipboard windows mac linux sync clipboard

1Clipboard asks for permission to manage its own configuration data in your Google Drive account. Your personal data in your Google account is not changed or accessed in any way. Click Allow.

1clipboard windows mac linux sync clipboard

You’re all set on this computer. Click Finish.

Repeat the steps in this section on all computers you want include in the syncing process.

1clipboard windows mac linux sync clipboard

On your Mac, you’ll see a paper clip icon on the menu bar. Click it to open 1Clipboard and access your clipboard history.

The default clipboard on your computer only holds one copied item at a time. 1Clipboard extends that capability by storing your clipboard history 6 Free Clipboard History Managers to Track What You Copy & Paste You need a clipboard manager because it can remember all the things you copy and paste. We have compiled five of the most functional tools to manage your clipboard history . Read More and allowing you to access previously copied items.

1clipboard windows mac linux sync clipboard

Move 1Clipboard From System Tray to Taskbar

On your Windows PC, the 1Clipboard icon is added to the system tray How to Navigate Your Windows 10 Taskbar With Keyboard Shortcuts Keyboard shortcuts are an awesome way to do more on your PC in less time. Here's a great collection of shortcuts that deal with the Windows Taskbar. Read More . If you want one-click access to 1Clipboard, like you have on your Mac, you can move the icon to the Taskbar.

1clipboard windows mac linux sync clipboard

To move the icon, right-click on an empty area of the Taskbar and select Taskbar settings from the popup menu.

1clipboard windows mac linux sync clipboard

Scroll down on the Taskbar screen and click Select which icons appear on the Taskbar.

1clipboard windows mac linux sync clipboard

Find 1Clipboard in the list and click the slider button so it turns blue and reads On.

1clipboard windows mac linux sync clipboard

Now, you’ll have quick, one-click access to 1Clipboard on your Windows computer.

1clipboard windows mac linux sync clipboard

Use 1Clipboard to Sync Copied Items to All Computers

Once you’ve set up 1Clipboard on all your computers, you’re ready to copy and paste content among all your Mac and Windows PC computers. For example, copy text in TextEdit on your Mac:

1clipboard windows mac linux sync clipboard

And it’s added to 1Clipboard and available on your other synced computers.

You can also “star” previously copied content to easily access items in the future. Access starred items by clicking the star icon on the left black bar. To delete an item, click the X icon above the star on the item.

If you’ve copied a lot of stuff and you want to find something you copied a few days ago, you can use the search icon on the left black bar.

1clipboard windows mac linux sync clipboard

Click any item in 1Clipboard to copy it again. The item at the top of the list is still in the computer’s default clipboard, so it can be pasted without copying it again in 1Clipboard.

1clipboard windows mac linux sync clipboard

Then, you can paste that item into any app or program that accepts that type of content.

1clipboard windows mac linux sync clipboard

You can even copy items like images and tables and use 1Clipboard to paste it on another computer.

Note: Tables, like the ones you might copy from Word or Pages, do not display as tables in 1Clipboard. But, the table I copied in Word on my Windows PC pasted as the same table in Word on my Mac.

1clipboard windows mac linux sync clipboard

We’ve copied a few items and now we want to copy and paste the second item. To copy an item from the clipboard history in 1Clipboard, simply click on it.

1clipboard windows mac linux sync clipboard

You can then paste it into another app or program on the same computer or on another computer on which you’re syncing the clipboard.

1clipboard windows mac linux sync clipboard

Change 1Clipboard Settings

The button on the left black bar with the three dots provides access to some settings. If you decide you don’t want to sync that computer, click the Sync Clipboard History slider button so it turns white.

Note: When you turn syncing back on, items copied on other synced computers will sync back to the current computer. But, any items copied on the current computer while syncing was off are not synced to other computers.

To access additional settings, click Preferences.

1clipboard windows mac linux sync clipboard

On the General tab, set System preferences to decide whether or not to automatically start on system startup or to show desktop notifications.

You can also change the Keyboard shortcut that opens your clipboard history and change the Language.

1clipboard windows mac linux sync clipboard

On the Account tab, you can turn off clipboard syncing on the current computer and unlink the current computer from your Google account.

1clipboard windows mac linux sync clipboard

If you’re storing the clipboard locally only, you can view how many items are stored on your computer and the total size of the items. Click Clear to delete all the items in your clipboard history.

1clipboard windows mac linux sync clipboard

Copy Content Anywhere

Now you don’t have to waste time transferring content from your Mac and then finding it again on your Windows PC to copy again, or vice versa. Copy whatever content you want on any Mac or Windows computer and it will be available on all synced computers.

Have you figured out another way to sync the clipboard between your Mac and Windows computers? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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  1. Steve
    May 9, 2018 at 9:05 am

    1Clipboard has stopped working for me. I suspect it's because this app's Google authentication has been revoked. It tells me that authorization has been granted, but their is no "Finish" button and nothing happens. Bug? Bug? Bug? It's a pity because I would happily pay for this app!

    • John
      June 20, 2019 at 8:14 pm

      You can try HaveClip - it's works w/o Google account and w/o Internet access.
      It's free and open-source.

  2. Nobruca
    October 18, 2017 at 6:00 pm

    I've used 1Clipboard before and it's great, but it's been more then a year since the last update (0.1.8) was released (2016-08-16). Makes me wonder if it's development has been cancelled.