Symptom Search: Find Out What Your Symptoms Mean

Israel Nicolas 10-01-2010

Are you wondering what your symptoms could mean? If so, then you can check out the possible causes of your symptoms with Symptom Search. This website is a simple search engine where you can enter any symptom to know related health complications.


what your symptoms mean

To use Symptom Search, enter any symptom you have or click the most common symptoms provided in the website. Then you can add more symptoms from their suggestions to get a more defined list of causes for your symptoms. This application provides a lot of information about different illnesses including its causes, suggestions for treatment, ways of prevention, complications, and even the foods you need to avoid eating.

Symptom Search is a helpful website that you can consult from time-to-time. However, this feature is for informational purposes only and should not be used to diagnose anyone. It is best to consult a healthcare professional if you have concerns.

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  • Free; no sign up required.
  • Add more symptoms to your list to get specific causes.
  • Lets you know the possible causes of your symptoms and their alternative names.
  • Provides an article about the symptom itself.
  • Suggestions for possible treatments, prevention, complications, causes, and foods to avoid.
  • Similar tools: SymptomChecker, iMedix and Trusera.

Check out Symptom Search @

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