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Dave LeClair 03-04-2012

If you are experiencing some health issues, but are unsure whether or not you need to go to a doctor, you should take a look at Symcat. Deciding if you want to take the time and spend the money to go to a doctor can be a hard decision. Depending on your country’s healthcare system and whether or not you have health insurance, going to a doctor can be expensive. Symcat is designed to ask you the same types of questions a doctor would, and give you some recommendations.


health diagnostic tool

When you first log in to Symcat, you will be asked to enter a symptom. It will then go through a bunch of more questions to narrow down a possible cause. It will ask you questions such as how long have had the symptoms, your gender and some medical history on your family. It will also ask for more symptoms you are experiencing, to help it narrow down possible ailments.


Once it gathers all the information it needs from you, it will offer a recommendation. For example, it may tell you to see a doctor if symptoms worsen over the next few days or to head to an emergency room immediately. It will also offer some possible conditions you are facing.



Find Symcat @ [No Longer Available]

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