Switching to Apple Music? Here’s How to Import Spotify Playlists
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Apple Music is a game changer. Even as an unashamed Apple fanboy, I can tell you that I’ve always hated iTunes — but Apple Music is what changed my mind.

We’ve already reviewed Apple Music so I won’t delve into specifics here, but I can help you with a problem I had back when I made the switch: importing my saved songs and playlists.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a migration tool that makes this job simple. Unless you want to do some scripting in JSON (here’s how that works), the best option is to use an app called STAMP (available for Windows and OS X).


The free version allows you to migrate 10 songs and 1 playlist per day. If you’re like me, that doesn’t cut it. Luckily, the premium version is only €6.99, or about $8.

To use STAMP, open the program and allow it to connect to iTunes. In the sidebar, select the service you want to import from — Spotify, Google Music, Rdio — and when prompted, grant STAMP access to it.

From there it’s all about selecting what you want to import by clicking the checkboxes, and then waiting patiently while STAMP does the work. Creating, sharing and discovering playlists within Apple Music isn’t all that hard, but importing your Spotify data allows you to skip the wait and start listening right away.

It’s not a flawless solution, and I’ve found that sometimes I had to run the app multiple times in order to catch music that got left behind, but it’s much more convenient than migrating manually.

Have you tried Apple Music? What did you use to import your playlists? Let us know in the comments below.

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