How to Switch to Alternate Keyboard Layouts in Windows 10

Ben Stegner 27-07-2017

Did you know that QWERTY, the most common keyboard layout, isn’t the only one around A History of Keyboard Layouts, Is QWERTY Lagging Behind? QWERTY is over 100 years old. It's outdated and outclassed by several alternatives, yet it's still the most popular keyboard layout in the world. How did we get here? Read More ? Indeed, several other keyboard formats exist and are more efficient than QWERTY. Many people take the time to master another layout in order to type more efficiently and reduce strain.


If you’re interested in doing so, Windows 10 makes it easy to switch between keyboard layouts on the fly. First, you’ll have to add a second mode. To do this, open Settings and choose the Time & Language option. Select the Region & language tab on the left and look for the Languages header.

Here, you’ll see the languages currently on your computer How to Change the Default Language & Region in Windows 10 Are you looking for ways to change your default language and region in Windows 10? Here we take you through a step-by-step guide to install new languages and change between existing languages. Read More . Click the one you’d like to add an alternate layout for and hit the Options button. This will bring you to a new page. Click the Add a keyboard under the Keyboards header.

How to Switch to Alternate Keyboard Layouts in Windows 10 Windows Switch Keyboard Layouts Featured

You’ll see a multitude of keyboard layouts, many which are for other languages, but a few are alternative English layouts. You can try United States — Dvorak or United States — International to add easy access to accented characters.

If you’re trying to drop QWERTY, we recommend Colemak Curious About Colemak? Learn The Best Keyboard Layout Easily Your keyboard sucks. There, I said it. Don't take it personally -- you're not the one who invented the QWERTY layout. Read More . However, it’s not included in Windows, so you should use the free tool in the linked article to get started with it.


Once you’ve added at least one additional keyboard, you can switch between them anytime by pressing Windows key + Space. You’ll see a little pop-up in the bottom-right corner of your screen when you do this. In your System Tray, you should also notice a new entry that displays your current keyboard.

Whether you want to try a new layout or need to type in another language sometimes, this is the easiest way to do it and switch between layouts in an instant.

Which alternate layouts have you added to Windows? Are you trying to learn a better alternative to QWERTY? Tell us down in the comments!

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  1. Ian Deans
    July 28, 2017 at 6:02 pm

    I'm personally a big fan of the workman layout. Super stoked windows is making it easier to break away from QWERTY!

  2. Ian Deans
    July 28, 2017 at 6:01 pm

    I am a big fan of the workman layout, stoked that windows is making it easier to break away from qwerty!