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Dave LeClair 13-10-2012

Are you looking for a way to see a quick preview of websites before clicking links to them? If so, you need to check out SwiftPreview, which allows you to see exactly what an article or webpage looks like before you click it. This is especially helpful for links on social networks like Twitter, where everyone shortens links, preventing you from seeing where they go.


link preview on facebook

To see a preview of a link, you simply need to mouse over it, and you will get to see what the page looks like in a handy window that pops out. This allows you to find out exactly what you are clicking on before you click it. You can also use this extension to watch a YouTube video directly from the preview without actually opening the link in a new tab. You simply need to pin the link, and you can watch the video.


The extension has a feature that allows you to pin a preview so it stays on the page even if you move the mouse away from the link. All you need to do is press CTRL when mousing over a link and it will pin it to the screen. If you click anywhere else on the page or press CTRL, the pin will go away.


  • Preview any link by mousing over.
  • Works with short-links.
  • Pin links so you can move the mouse around.
  • View YouTube videos in pinned links.
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