Swap Your PJs For A Camera – Try Taking A Photo A Day And Improve Your Photography

Saikat Basu 10-08-2012

improve your photographyOnce, there was this interesting news item about the man with the perfect memory. No…Mr. Gordon Bell wasn’t a freak; as a research scientist he just used modern technology to record every waking moment of his life. That was a Microsoft project. On lower tiers, we use journals and blogs to document our daily lives. Why not a camera? Especially if you love pictures.


Just a few minutes a day could really add up to improving your photography. Who knows, you might catch life at its best and the memories it seeds. Then again, interesting projects like A Day might come along to pique your enthusiasm further.

My friend Nancy, took a look at the Top 4 Photo Websites To Share One Photo Everyday Top 4 Photo Websites To Share One Photo Everyday Read More . She covered four very niche photography sites (365Project | Blipfoto | Photoblog | Momentile ). There are quite a few you can add to this list for your photographic inspiration. Let’s look them over.


improve your photography

Shuttercal is one of the more oft-recommended sites for a photo a day projects. The free site gives you a straightforward calendar, and you add a photo to it that showcases your day. It could be anything – it doesn’t ask for a great photo. Just a slice of life in a photograph could add up to a memorable photo-journaling experience one day. Then, Shuttercal s not limited to photography, so you can document the day using a poem, a drawing, and even a news clip. Daily photo projects are challenging and fun. The calendar helps you be focused.

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improve your photography skills

Flickr – 365 is actually a photography group on Flickr with one common interest. You guessed it – posting a photo a day. Nearly 3000 members and 190,000 photos is quite a collection. The group says that most 365 self-projects have a theme – self-portraits, landscapes, non-Photoshopped pictures, shots that are made outside. Anything and anyone is allowed and the only simple rule is that it should be a shot a day for the next 365 days. If you have a Flickr account, you can straightaway join this group. Start from the Introduction thread. You can spot one or two ‘games’ here, like the Look at the photostream of the person above you and pick your fav one.


improve your photography skills

The site describes itself as a World Photography Showcase where professional and amateur photographers share their life in images from around the world each day. It is an open photography community and a photoblog hosting service. You can start your own free photoblog here and upload one image per calendar day. If you are interested, this is a photography community which can teach you about the nuances of taking great shots. You can dive into the showcase and browse by date, color, category, tag, and theme. There are also the Spotlight Themes which are photo stories in themselves.


Read the FAQ for more detailed information.

What Comes Out Of Taking One Photo a Day?

improve your photography

Today, taking photos is no big deal. We have point-and-shoot cameras, compact DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, and of course the ubiquitous smartphones. Why one…we can take a dozen photos a day. But in my opinion limiting oneself to just a single photo makes the whole exercise more focused. You think more about that one photo. Composing it just perfectly isn’t a click and upload affair anymore. In the end, by forcing ourselves to think about the composition of that lone shot, we become thinking photographers…and hopefully better ones. And if you are that good, there are always photo-of-the-day contests on and about on the web.

You do not have to depend on these photo-a-day websites. Start your own project. You already have the tools freely available – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, or a simple free blog. A search on the web will reveal that people have their own versions of one-photo-a-day that they are using to document their lives. Read about someone like Jamie Livingston. Get inspired and tell us if you are up for it. Point us to your gallery if you have done it before.


Image Credit: Child taking a picture via Shutterstock

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