How to Survive a Day at College With Help From Spotify

Anya Zhukova 03-10-2017

College life can be difficult and frustrating at times. Whether it’s the early morning starts, the endless piles of homework, or trying to concentrate on work while life gets in the way. Thankfully, we have got just the right medicine for you: Spotify.


Can Spotify Help Me at College?

It can and it will. Music is the most soothing form of art, and it can help you through depression, anger, or any other negative emotions that you’ll face throughout your life. And it will certainly help you deal better with stress Defeating Holiday Stress: 5 Tips to Help You Stay Jolly Holidays can be stressful. But with these stress management tips you can defeat them and stay happy before they catch hold of you. Read More and the things that college life drops into your lap. Check out our list of the best Spotify playlists for any occasion that you may come across during your student years.

Morning Tunes

1. Ready for the Day

What could better prepare you for a long day in class than a cup of coffee? That’s right, gentle but energetic indie tunes. “Ready for the Day” is the perfect playlist to start your day with. It’s full of upbeat songs that will help you set the perfect mood right before you head out to start your day Great Days Starts Great Mornings. Start Yours With These Rituals The way you start your day completely sets the tone for the rest of it. If you start your day lazily, the rest of the day could end up being lazy. Read More .

Some examples of the brilliant songs included are Renegades by X Ambassadors, Sleepyhead by Passion Pit, and Australia by The Shins.

2. Happy Morning Songs


If you’re not a big fan of indie music, tune in to the “Happy Morning Songs” playlist. Kickstart your day with the help of Stereophonics, U2, and The Beatles. Is it the end of the week yet? Then maybe it’s time for Friday I’m In Love by The Cure instead.

Your Everyday Commute Music

3. Morning Commute

Can’t imagine a second of your life without music? Then you should jump into this playlist perfect for your commute to college. That’s assuming you find listening to music passes the time better than these podcasts perfect for commuters 12 Podcasts Guaranteed to Make Your Commute Easier Commuting to work can be both boring and frustrating, but many of us do it every day. Thankfully, podcasts can make your commute much more entertaining. Read More .

4. Evening Commute


Unlike “Morning Commute”, this playlist is less about bumping up your energy and more about preserving it. Songs from “Evening Commute” will help your brain relax and switch off from the day’s stresses and worries.

Playlists to Boost Your Productivity

5. Peaceful Indie Ambient

No matter how light or heavy the workload is, students will, at some point, find themselves struggling with homework 10 Online Study Hacks for Every College Student From sites dedicated to helping you with grammar, to free videos explaining any subject, these ten websites and study tools can completely redefine how you study. Read More . However, we have found a way to make the time you spend doing homework more enjoyable with a little musical accompaniment. If you’re looking for a relaxing playlist that will take the stresses of the day away and help you ease into doing homework, “Peaceful Indie Ambient” is just for you.

The five-hour long playlist provides slow, non-distracting and instrumental-heavy melodies. Whether it’s a dozen-page paper or some complex research you’re struggling with, this playlist will help you find the motivation and drive to power through.


6. Psyched

Slow instrumental pieces will keep you focused and undistracted. However, some of you might find music from the previously suggested playlist somewhat plain and maybe even boring.

For those who enjoy a challenge both in life and in music, we recommend trying a different homework playlist: “Psyched”. This playlist will help you get hyped for things that are naturally unexciting, like doing homework or preparing a marketing presentation. You’ll be surprised to find how just a few minutes of listening to these motivational tunes will make you feel a few steps closer to earning that A grade.

The Workout Songs

7. Get Fit


Enough with the homework. How about a healthy distraction in the form of a workout session? Whether you’re a disciplined athlete already, or a newbie who is simply considering adding some exercise into your daily routine, “Get Fit” is the motivational playlist you’ve been looking for.

The 72 songs from this playlist will not only give you that last “push” to kickstart your workout plan How to Build the Perfect Playlist for Your Workout Read More but will also keep you company while you sweat your worries away in a gym.

School Trip Sing Along Hits

8. Songs to Sing in the Shower

Although you might not go on traditional school trips anymore, with all your classmates on the bus and a teacher as your tour guide, you can’t argue that any trip is better with the right kind of music.

Now, whether you’re taking a road trip with some of your college friends, or simply feel like jamming along to the all-time favorite songs in your dorm room, this playlist will provide you with dozens of hits perfect to sing along to. You could even turn it into a dance-off or a karaoke competition if that’s your kind of thing.

Staying in Music

9. Soft

Being active and energetic is great, but sometimes you just want to relax and take it easy for a moment.

“Soft” is a perfect playlist for one of those evenings when you just want to stay in and listen to something light and easy. A broad selection of popular tunes won’t leave you bored either. No matter your musical taste, you’ll find music that you enjoy on this playlist, from Coldplay to Lady Gaga.

The Bedtime Playlist

10. Stress Relief

How you finish your day is just as important as how you start it. The last pieces of music you listen to before you head to bed can help you sleep better 3 Relaxation Techniques to Help You Sleep Better Sometimes it takes too long to fall asleep. Technology can help us sleep better with some help from better sleep habits. Try these suggestions to shut off your brain. Read More , and might even affect your mood into the next morning.

Our last pick is the “Stress Relief” playlist that will help calm your thoughts down and prepare you for a peaceful night’s rest. It will also help you de-stress The 4-Step Science-Backed Method for Defeating Stress One of Europe's leading neuroscientists gives a simple four-step process for grabbing hold of stress and channeling it to your advantage. Read More (hence the name of the playlist) and let off some steam after a full day at college.

College Helps Shape Your Music Tastes

For many young people college is the time when their taste in music reach its peak. It’s safe to assume that as a college student you know what’s fresh and hot right now in the music world.

In this article we have tried our best to pick the best Spotify playlists for helping you get through a day at college, no matter how stressful it may be. Now we’d like to hear back from you.

Do you have a favorite Spotify playlist to listen to at college? What are some of the songs that help you get you through some of the boring parts of your studies? Do you prefer listening to podcasts instead? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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