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Support For Windows XP, Google Camera App, First Heartbleed Arrest [Tech News Digest]

Dave Parrack 17-04-2014

Today in Tech News Digest, Custom Support for Windows XP, Google Camera app, first Heartbleed arrest, personalized Microsoft Bing, Tuckaway Stand on Kickstarter, Samsung vs. Steve Jobs’ ghost, and Super Mario wine.


Microsoft Slashes Support Prices For XP

Microsoft may have ended support for Windows XP Microsoft Kills Windows XP, Hollywood Sues Megaupload, Virus Shield Scam [Tech News Digest] RIP Windows XP, Hollywood sues Megaupload, Virus Shield scam, Xbox 360 emulation, multiplayer Goat Simulator, and Mario escapes into the real world. Read More installs used by the general public, but it isn’t above extending that support for organizations willing to pay for the privilege. And, according to Computerworld, it has slashed the prices it charges for doing so.

Custom Support Agreements are deals made between Microsoft and enterprise customers to offer critical security updates for retired operating systems. A number of high-profile deals have been done over XP, including the IRS in the U.S. NSA Exploits Internet, IRS Retains XP, Google Glass Haters, iPad Concept [Tech News Digest] Exploiting the Internet, retaining Windows XP, Googling government waste, Glassing San Francisco, Real-time Twitter, trending subreddits, and an iPad concept circa 2004. Read More

Computerworld asserts that CSAs have always cost $200-per-device, but that the total ceiling price per company has been dropped from $5 million to just $250,000. The minimum number of devices covered by a CSA is thought to be 750 units (costing $150,000).

The suggestion here is that Microsoft realized it needed to act to protect the large number of companies who neglected to upgrade from XP in time. It couldn’t extend support for everyone, so it chose to lower the price of Custom Support instead. Only for its most important customers, mind; the rest just have to suffer.

Google Camera App Lands On Android

Google has released a new camera app for Android, creatively called Google Camera. Google Camera is designed to work on all smartphones and tablets running Android 4.4 (Kitkat). Features include a 100% viewfinder, a Lens Blur mode, and 360-degree Photo Spheres. Google Camera is available from Google Play.


First Heartbleed Arrest Made In Canada

The first person has been arrested in relation to the Heartbleed bug in OpenSSL Heartbleed – What Can You Do To Stay Safe? Read More . Stephen Arthuro Solis-Reyes, a 19-year-old from Ontario in Canada, stands accused of stealing 900 social insurance numbers from the website of the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA). Solis-Reyes will appear in court in July 2014.

Bing Goes All Google Now, Now

Microsoft has given Bing a Google Now-style makeover, with personalized cards added to the homepage. Users need to sign in to their Microsoft account and add a list of interests to see the cards, which will deliver personalized news, weather, and/or stocks and more. All of which will be retained across platforms, including Cortana Amazon Fire TV, Windows Phone Cortana, Indiegogo GoBe, Binge Watching PSA [Tech News Digest] Amazon Fire TV, Windows Phone 8.1 with Cortana, Windows 8.1 Update 1 for mouse and keyboards, GoBe on Indiegogo, Rdio, Vudu, and Crackle on Chromecast, and a PSA about the dangers of binge watching. Read More , the new personal assistant built into Windows Phone 8.1 Windows Phone 8.1 Reviews, Android Heartbleed, US Airways Tweets [Tech News Digest] Windows Phone 8.1 reviews, Gmail scanning practices, Android Heartbleed, American Airlines' tweeting troubles, mini notebook chargers, overheating VAIOs, and a vending machine that tweets. Read More .

Tuckaway Stand Hides Ugly Set-Top Boxes

Most geeks rather enjoy showing off their gadgets, and proudly display all their various set-top boxes and games consoles on their TV stand. For those who tend towards minimalism, Tuckaway Stand is a TV stand that hides everything connected to your television set behind the screen. And it’s currently being funded through a Kickstarter campaign.

When Steve Jobs Died, Samsung Attacked

Around the time of Steve Jobs’ death, Samsung was plotting how it could defeat Apple. We know this thanks to a series of emails sent in October 2011 that have been presented as evidence against Samsung in its ongoing legal battle with Apple April Fools Roundup, Apple Attacks Samsung, Mozilla CEO Controversy [Tech News Digest] April Fools, Apple versus Samsung, Mozilla CEO speaks out, Amazon adds Metacritic scores, Zuckerberg takes pay cut, Coursera on Android, and Kaspersky maps the Cyberwar. Read More .


Regardless of the finer details, this email exchange was happening at the same time as Jobs’ death, which certainly suggests a lack of respect.

Super Mario Theme Played On Wine Glasses

And finally, the Super Mario The Origins & History Of Mario [Geek History Lessons] An Italian plumber created by a Japanese artist somehow became one of the most recognizable characters on earth. Featured in over 100 games, it's hard to imagine Nintendo or even video games without this mustachioed... Read More theme is one of the most recognizable songs heard throughout the history of video games 10 Video Games That Changed The World These are the games that changed everything, that signalled the next step in the evolution of video games, and that needed to exist for the video games industry as we know it today to exist... Read More . And now someone has seen fit to record a version of the Super Mario theme played on wine glasses. It’s not known whether or not the performer consumed wine beforehand, but it seems rather likely.

Tech News Digest… Breaking News Into Bite-Sized Chunks.

Image Credit: Judit Klein via Flickr

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  1. Ed
    April 17, 2014 at 9:17 pm

    I find it ridiculous that not one company I have an online account with has:
    1. Reassured me they were not affected by Hearbleed.
    2. Explained their vulnerability, their fix, and that now is a good time to change passwords.

    Not one bank, not one email provider, not a single online service that requires a password has made any mention to me personally regarding Heartbleed.

    What of the average user that does not read tech sites or has to be told to "click on the blue E" to go to the internet?

    • Dave P
      April 20, 2014 at 12:07 pm

      That is a sad state of affairs, it has to be said. I know we fixed the problem quickly, but we should have notified readers more efficiently.

      I suspect the average n00b won't even be aware of Heartbleed. Meaning it's up to the geek in their life to inform and educate them.