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Supercharge Your Online Reading With The New Flipboard

Saikat Basu 18-11-2014

With just $1 I stood by the news stand not knowing what to pick. That – I bet – is a memory from childhood we all have. The choices too many; the dollars too few.


The news stand is a relic. Thanks to the explosion of news websites and smartphone apps. All trying to quench the unquenchable – our thirst for information. Flipboard gives us a brimful bucket of it for free, and the bated breaths of anticipation have vanished.

The third generation of Flipboard comes with a fresh design – and the claim to be called the world’s best personal magazine. But how can this digital magazine bring you close to your interests? By giving you 30,000 ways to get to it.

I Want Choices!

Flipboard Topics

Flipboard provides more than 30,000 ways to find what you want.

Finding your still-undiscovered (and even discovered) “objects of attention” starts with awareness. If the brainwave has not struck, you need to hunt for information – and read up on what you find interesting. Make a shortlist of your interests. Try the search on Flipboard.


 Topics range from “action hero” to “zoology” (and everything in-between), and you can find them via search or by tapping on the new topic tags on articles. When you want to add something (or someone) to your Flipboard, press “follow” and watch as your experience becomes tailored to your life.

– Flipboard

Flipboard Topic Screen

Let’s say, I am interested in “Photography”, but there are some niches I would like to look at. Flipboard suggests a few more narrower topics that you can start your browsing immediately. You will also notice the “tags” on the article cover that are topics in their own right. Flipboard continues to suggest related topic as you go through the articles. It led me to street photographyphotojournalism, architectureurban exploration and some wildly unrelated areas like horses.

The “flip” of Flipboard is excellent for creative ideas and serendipitous browsing Get Great Ideas With Random Browsing & Serendipity You are probably staring blankly at a computer screen trying to spark ideas and stimulate your creativity. So, let's look into the benefits of serendipitous browsing and try to connect some dots. Read More .

I Want To Save & Share The Best Of What I Read

With Flipboard magazines you can become a “MagMaker” and share your passions with the wider community.


Flipboard acquired Zite earlier this year and this introduced a good mix of human curation and automatic algorithm. The technology behind Zite is the reason for the choices of so many topics here. MagMakers is the active community on Flipboard which curates links on topics they are passionate about. There are more than 10 million magazines – far more than you would expect to find on a mega-bookstore’s magazine rack.

Flipboard Magazine

The best magazines have a large number of high-quality articles curated on a specific theme. You can make out the quality by the numbers on the magazine cover. The number of articles, Viewers, Page Flips, and Followers. For instance, the Follower number is a good indicator of a dedicated readership.

As you start curating your own Flipboard magazine Create Your Own Stylish Magazines With The Flipboard Browser Bookmarklet The news reading and content curation scene is a dog-eat-dog world. One of the reasons for the widespread popularity of Flipboard has been its momentum to add new features. One of the recent but not-so-little... Read More , this number tells you how many people are looking out for your saves. Every well-curated magazine also benefits from a well-chosen full screen cover.


My Magazine – a YouTube playlist introduces you to some of the best. Like Carolyn Malachi

I Want It All In A Beautiful Design

Flipboard has gone from 30 odd topics to 34,000… with a beautiful design.

Zite, a beautiful newsreader, auto-curated from your social networks, RSS feeds, and viewing habits. Married to Flipboard, the whole design looks more polished. It’s a huge jump…necessitating some design changes that makes browsing the ocean easier. As you flip through, the frequent appearance of a screen with related magazines appears to be a distraction, but it is also a portal for interesting reads.

I Just Want To Read What’s Happening Right Now

The new Flipboard brings The Daily Edition for the readers in the US, UK, Latin America, Brazil and India.


Daily Edition - Flipboard

You can use it to catch up with what’s happening right now around the world. Every day at 7:00 a.m. local time, flip through the top headlines in news, business, tech, sports, opinion, celebs and culture. If you are in hurry, flip through in 10 seconds to catch all the breaking news.

Tip: 4 Things You Can Do On Flipboard With Just A “Flip”

Be a power curator. Organize knowledge around your passions with thoughtful curation. Well compiled magazines are also the magnet for drawing followers and interacting with the community. Power your profile with an avatar and a description. The benefits of curation can be seen in the influence of sites like The Drudge Report and Techmeme.

You can also show off your magazines in your blog or website with a Flipboard profile badge or a widget.

Improve your magazine with feedback. Curation is both a science and an art. The science part is supported by the My Analytics” stats dashboard via the Flipboard Editor. Understand the upswing or downswing in views or page flips to tweak your magazines.

Advertise. A Flipboard magazine could be a good way to showcase your creative work or your business. Have a passion for DIY handicrafts? Create a catalog of your online wares and add more information around them.

How Do You Use Flipboard?

As a technology editor and blogger, I not only use Flipboard to follow trends but also use it to get new ideas from unrelated topics. Reading on “table organization for Thanksgiving” easily gives me an idea for an article on how to avoid eating alone with some “app” planning. It is an invaluable tool for curating the best around my passions of copywriting and photography. Flipboard is handy for personal learning because curating is so simple. The 30,000+ topics and 10 million is the deep end of the ocean for readers.

Information converges in unforeseen ways. An app like Flipboard helps us take the bigger picture and mine ideas from it.

Now it’s your turn: How are you using the new Flipboard?

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  1. JK
    August 15, 2017 at 5:36 pm

    Nice to get some help. Merçi

  2. LFSR
    November 23, 2014 at 4:39 pm

    no opml import...deal breaker!

    • Saikat
      November 24, 2014 at 5:35 am

      Flipboard isn't meant to be a feedreader. It is a digital magazine.

    • Ismelstar
      February 2, 2015 at 11:45 pm

      Why can't it be both? I want one of my magazines to be composed of the fashion/style RSS feeds I follow that are best suited to Flipboard's format.

  3. Saikat
    November 19, 2014 at 10:00 am

    Yes. The crashes have resolved now. The jump to more topics and more magazines has been incredible, and it has become my exclusive app for reading and mining for ideas.

  4. Mark D
    November 19, 2014 at 12:40 am

    Been using it for years. This latest change, at least, fixed the crashes it had during the IOS 8.x upgrades. I have always enjoyed the UI on Flipboard especially on the iPad. The finer granularity of topics are welcome also.