Sulia: A Subject-Based Social News Feed

Israel Nicolas 08-11-2012

News reading has evolved from newspapers to Google search, and now finding interesting links in Facebook or Twitter. They are generally easier to access and since our friends share them, they are usually relevant to us. However, Twitter and Facebook does not have proper feeds for specific topics, which makes it hard to sift through all the noise and get what we want.


subject based social network

Sulia is a social feed based on topics that you like, where you can read posts and articles from the most trusted sources on the Internet using their own ranking algorithm. This not only saves you time by giving you the most relevant items, but also letting you go through different social channels quickly.

With Sulia, you search and add for channels that you like or click on a suggested topic to add them. The topics can be as general as Politics, as current as the elections, or as novel as the iPad Mini.

The channel view will show real-time news feeds, features, and posts from the leaderboard or leading authors for the channel.  You can share items to Facebook or Twitter, click on the item to get to the source material, or add a comment to participate in the discussion.

Sulia does not allow you to add sources, since everything is pre-approved by the app. This is more convenient for those who want a simpler, frictionless experience, though I find myself wanting this feature if I want to make this my primary newsreader.



Overall, Sulia is an app to get live updates from social media without going through a bunch of useless posts. I’d imagine using this during an important live event. This is also great for people looking for an experience similar to Flipboard on the desktop in terms of leveraging social media sources for interesting reads.


  • Social feeds based on subjects.
  • Click on news items to share, comment, or read source.
  • Search and add channels that interest you.
  • View leaderboard to check top contributors for the channel.
  • Live feed refreshes page automatically.

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