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Suggest Romantic Date Ideas & Find Compatible Partners With HowAboutWe

Angela Randall 05-07-2011

If you’ve ever spent any time dabbling in the online dating scene, you’ve probably realised that it has some huge limitations. Mostly, that it can be really hard to find someone who you’re actually going to like in real life. It’s simply not enough to be able to say you’re looking for a blonde 30-year-old. What you really need to know is whether your idea of a good time is in any way compatible.


This is where HowAboutWe comes in. It’s a dating site which revolves around the actual dates. In essence, you get to choose someone to date by whether or not you both like the same idea for a date. Plus, it’s a really neat way to get romantic date ideas!

romantic date ideas

Get On To HowAboutWe

The sign-up process for HowAboutWe is straight-forward and quick. Really, you’re just giving them a few important bits of information to ensure they never suggest that you date someone with completely incompatible ideals. The deal-breaker topics are about faith, politics and how important those ideals are to you. You also add the usual stuff about your general details, where you live and what basic sort of person you’re looking for. Photos are required to be found in search, but you can get by without them if you really wish.

ideas for a fun date

Once the basic details are filled, you can add more information to your profile if you like, or just get into browsing the dates.


Finding Great Dates

It’s easy to find great dates in HowAboutWe. That’s the whole point! Search date ideas by keyword, see popular dates or check out the trending romantic date ideas.

ideas for a fun date

When you see a date idea you like, repost it (much like retweeting tweets). The idea will be added to your profile page and you’ll be listed as one of the many people who think that date idea is a good one. The more dates you repost, the more likely it is that someone interesting will find you and ask you out on that date. Also, you’re opening yourself up to more excellent dates!

By building your profile with a selection of great dates you like, you’re also letting potential suitors know a bit about what you really like to get up to. It’s a win-win.


Coming Up With Great Date Ideas

You can also list your own date ideas and see who else likes them. Some users are broad with their date ideas, which can result in them being quite popular, while others make them more specific by adding the city into the date idea. This limits the exposure, but could also work in your favour. Try a few different tactics and see how it goes.

ideas for a fun date

Finding Great People

The best way to meet like-minded people is to browse the date ideas. When you find a date you like, see who else has liked it. Then you can ask one of those people out on this date – and you don’t even have to come up with a great date idea, either!

Suggest Romantic Date Ideas & Find Compatible Partners With HowAboutWe Find People Who Like This Date


Obviously, you can also browse the user database for people who match your taste and live nearby. This might help narrow down your options if it turns out your town isn’t yet bustling with users.

good date ideas

In the meantime, you can still populate your profile with great romantic date ideas. If nothing else, you’ve got a handy list to refer to when you need inspiration later!

More Dating Ideas

For those of you who are keen for more great dating ideas, read on:


romantic date ideas

What are your thoughts on HowAboutWe? Will you give it a go?

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