SubtitleHub: A Useful Search Engine to Look for Movie Subtitles
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Can you not find the subtitles to your favorite movie on your bookmarked subtitles website? If yes, then perhaps you need to shift your subtitles bookmark to a handy website called SubtitleHub.

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SubtitleHub is a free to use web service that movie buffs will find to be greatly helpful. There are many of us who download movies through the Internet. Ways in which this is done is through torrents, paid services, and various peer-to-peer networks. Movies that are available in this manner – without their proper DVD disc – often do not have subtitles files to accompany them. This is a problem for people whose native tongue is not that of the movie and people whose hearing is impaired because they cannot understand the dialogue in the movie.

Here to help them out are various online services that let people search for movie subtitles online. But the question is “which subtitles website to bookmark?” You cannot pick only one website as the subtitles you are looking for might be on site B while you look for them on site A. Here to help you search site A, site B, and numerous subtitles websites for movie subtitles is a search tool called SubtitleHub.

This handy web tool searches Subscene, OpenSubtitles, AllSubs, and Podnapisi for the subtitles that you are looking for. All you have to do is visit the SubtitleHub homepage, type in the name of the movie of which the subtitles you require, and then view which website has your desired subtitles. You can click on the results to be taken to the original webpage of the subtitles from where you can download them.



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