Give Your Subscriber Count a Boost With Pippity Pop-Ups [Giveaway]

Ryan Dube 12-03-2012

Give Your Subscriber Count a Boost With Pippity Pop-Ups [Giveaway] pippitygiveawayOver the last few years, I’ve dedicated countless hours of effort developing my own blog. For any of you that have a blog, you know that as it grows, each stage of evolution involves learning what tools are available out there, and what would work best for your site.


For me, it really started when I wanted to develop more interaction with readers. To do that, I included new Google Plus, Facebook and RSS feed buttons at the top of every post page. A little later, I also included the awesome Facebook “likes” badge that shows the growing number of people that liked your blog on Facebook.

Other stages of development for a growing blog also include things like adding new advertisers beyond just Google Ads, incorporating useful analytics to show reader behavior, and also tweaking the theme to include special information in every post footer or header.

However, I think the most important stage of development for any blog is the moment that you first launch your newsletter. While doing so was something that I had really feared for a long time – I figured it was far too complicated and expensive – I am happy to report that establishing a newsletter and growing the list fast isn’t difficult, especially if you promote it using an effective pop-up subscription tool like Pippity.

This week, we’ll be giving away 25 Pippity licenses, a premium WordPress pop-up plugin (that doesn’t frustrate) worth $49. Find out what Pippity can do for you and how you can win one.

The giveaway is over. Here are the winners:

  • Alex S
  • Andrew Miller
  • Arthur Rieman
  • Benjamin Williams
  • Brian
  • Cecilia
  • Chris
  • Cindy
  • Colleen Cole
  • Cool
  • David Bargatze
  • Dianne Wiroll
  • Dragos Voicu
  • Gilberto De Hoyos
  • Henrietta Newman
  • Jeet Dholakia
  • Jorge
  • Meah Baltazar
  • michael
  • Ota Lunak
  • Peter Sawka
  • Rish
  • Shim Marom
  • Teodor
  • Thomas W Spychalski

Pippity is for Customized Pop-Up Forms

I should set the record straight right off the bat. Pippity isn’t just for newsletter subscriptions. It’s actually an effective tool to create customized pop-up windows on your site that behave exactly in the way that you tell it to.


The first reaction for a lot of people when they hear the phrase “pop-ups” is, “Oh, I don’t want to do that to my readers.”

Well, if you actually look at some of your favorite sites, you might realize that they use pop-up forms, but they do so in a way that is unobtrusive and useful. That is what Pippity is all about.

After purchasing a licence from Pippity, installing the plugin is as simple as downloading the ZIP file from the site, and then going into your plugin folder in WordPress and clicking on “Add New”.

Give Your Subscriber Count a Boost With Pippity Pop-Ups [Giveaway] pippity1


Click on the “Upload” option, and then click “Choose File” and browse to the ZIP file that you just downloaded from the Pippity site. When you click on “Install Now”, WordPress uploads, unpacks and sets up the plugin for you – it’s as easy as that.

Give Your Subscriber Count a Boost With Pippity Pop-Ups [Giveaway] pippity2

Once it’s downloaded and activated, you’ll see the Pippity link appear under “Appearance” in your WordPress navigation menu.

Give Your Subscriber Count a Boost With Pippity Pop-Ups [Giveaway] pippity3


When you first click on the Pippity menu item, you’ll need to enter in the key that was sent to you when you purchased the software. Once that’s finished, the left Pippity menu includes the tools to create and manage your pop-ups. To start a new one, just click “Create Popup”.

In the window to the right, you’ll see a left navigation bar appear, and to the right you’ll see a preview window where you see a sample pop-up display, showing you how the pop-up will appear on your site.

Give Your Subscriber Count a Boost With Pippity Pop-Ups [Giveaway] pippity5

Hover over each theme to see an example of how it looks. When you find the one that you like, just click on “Save & Continue”. The next step is customizing the pop-up further. Pippity gives you the ability to really alter everything about the pop-up, including the coloring, font sizes and colors, and more. Just go from top to bottom and make sure all of the style settings are set to your liking.


Give Your Subscriber Count a Boost With Pippity Pop-Ups [Giveaway] pippity7

Once you’ve got the design down, the next step is to actually create the content that will appear on your pop-up. This doesn’t take very long at all. Just create the header and main text. For bullets, just use “*” to mark each item, and it’ll appear with the bullet graphic you defined in the previous style settings.

Give Your Subscriber Count a Boost With Pippity Pop-Ups [Giveaway] pippity8

Click “Save & Continue” again, and the next step will be to define the behavior of your pop-up. I can’t stress enough how important this step is. This will make the difference between a really annoying popup, and one that readers will actually find useful and welcome. You can configure the popup to only occur on posts and not pages, make it wait a specific delay before popping up, and only popping up when the reader reaches the end of an article.

Give Your Subscriber Count a Boost With Pippity Pop-Ups [Giveaway] pippity9

You can even set it up so that a reader doesn’t even get the pop-up unless they’ve visited the page a few times, and not just throwing pop-ups at every reader that visits the page. You can also make sure readers aren’t constantly getting popups by putting a delay in days before the popup happens again.

In addition to only showing the popups on posts rather than pages, you can also configure the plugin to only show pop-ups to people that aren’t logged into your blog. This prevents readers that are already signed up with your site from getting popups asking them to register.

Give Your Subscriber Count a Boost With Pippity Pop-Ups [Giveaway] pippity10

Finally, once you’re done creating your popup – and if it is for a newsletter subscription – you will have the option in the next step to integrate the pop-up with the subscription script for many of the major newsletter management services out there. Here at MUO, we’ve covered ones like Madmimi and MailChimp, both of which can be integrated with Pippity by simply pasting the Newsletter subscription HTML form into the box in the Pippity Popup Creation form.

Give Your Subscriber Count a Boost With Pippity Pop-Ups [Giveaway] pippity11

I have to admit, I was a little bit skeptical that such a quick setup could result in a quality popup that would interest people into signing up for the monthly newsletter that I’ll be offering. I was also skeptical that the pop-up behavior would really follow the rules that I set up in the popup creation tool.

I clicked on a post in my site, and then waited 60 seconds – the time that I’d set before an popup should appear to readers first arriving to the post. Sure enough, after a minute, the pop-up appeared.

Give Your Subscriber Count a Boost With Pippity Pop-Ups [Giveaway] pippity12

I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was, and how professional the popups look. They are not at all annoying – they just offer a very fast sign-up form that readers can use to subscribe to your newsletter. It’s actually a way to offer your readers a fast, convenient method they can use to subscribe.

I haven’t quite been running Pippity long enough to say whether it has resulted in a huge influx of subscribers, but I can say that I’m already using the Pippity analytics to watch how many impressions of the popup take place every day. So monitoring the conversion rate using those tools is a great way to gauge whether or not the design or text on your popup works. By playing around and tweaking things, you’ll be able to increase your conversion rates easily.

Give Pippity a try and let us know what you think of how it looks on your WordPress site, and how well it performs in getting you subscribers. Share your experiences in the comments section below!

Good news for webmasters! We’ve got 25 licenses for Pippity to offer this week. Here’s how you can win one.

How do I win a copy?

It’s simple, just follow the instructions.

Interested in sponsoring a giveaway? We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with us.

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  1. Jessica
    June 5, 2012 at 6:16 am

    So frustrating, this plugin does not work in my site. It does not pop-up as it supposed to...I dont know if it is conflict with woo theme or plugin conflicts...

  2. abrarpdrymn
    April 28, 2012 at 10:10 pm


  3. velomac
    March 14, 2012 at 9:24 pm

    I entered the giveaway code, got the entry form, entered my name & addy, & submitted the form. Then the message "The giveaway code you entered was incorrect. Please refresh the page to try again." displayed. 
    But I got a confirmation email from Jackson that I successfully entered the giveaway.
    Am I entered? Then why the error message?

    In regard to Pippity, is there a way to demo the plug-in? I didn't see anything in the   article. I would like to try it before buying.


    • Jackson Chung
      March 15, 2012 at 9:35 pm

      Hey Chip,

      Yeap, you're in. There's way to demo the plugin on the developer's website.

  4. Teresa Beeman
    March 13, 2012 at 9:38 pm

    In the beginning I got caught up in the "have to have every plugin" syndrome. Now I'm very careful what plugins I use. I'm always looking for something that can streamline the process while giving me the results I want. Pippity sounds like it fills the bill. I hope I win!

  5. anish274
    March 13, 2012 at 6:31 am
  6. Guest
    March 12, 2012 at 9:30 pm

    I do not understand why MUO is promoting a tool to make using my site more annoying. It seems counter to MUO's mission. Next is going to be a tool to include flash-based ads that cover the entire screen

    • Ryan Dube
      March 13, 2012 at 2:34 am

      Haha - read my comment above. If you give it a try you'll see that it's actually providing a convenient tool to your readers to subscribe. If they don't want to they just quickly click close and continue reading. It's really not annoying - try it before you judge. It's not one of those stupid pop-up ads that come up every single time you load a page.

  7. Schwabby_web
    March 12, 2012 at 7:03 pm

    Thank you! Yes they are annoying but done the right way they are very effective.

  8. EmilHarden
    March 12, 2012 at 4:52 pm

    Just have to say...these kinds of pop-ups...soooo annoying. People hate them! They may look professional, but that kind of thing is enough to make me leave the site and go elsewhere.

    • Ryan Dube
      March 13, 2012 at 2:33 am

      Normally, I would have to agree, but after seeing how well you can modify the behavior of the pop-up, I actually think these can work well. I like the fact that you can only show the pop-up once to each visitor when they stay on a page for a certain time, and after that first "showing", you can turn it off. That's really cool.