StupidFight: A Great New Way to Have Fun With Twitter
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The internet, and life in general, has a huge population of people that are downright stupid. Twitter is a good example of how sometimes a lot of people start following a celebrity. Now amazingly there is a tool that compares how stupid followers of celebrities are. The tool is Stupid Fight.

fun with twitter

Stupid Fights compares the last 100 posts of the followers of 2 celebrities. The posts are scanned for unnecessary caps, overusing “OMG,” repetition of the same punctuation marks in a row, etc. These “stupidity tests” however cannot recognize irony. The tests are run on your computer and will vary each time (as celebrities will get new followers’ posts).

Needless to say the application has been created purely for fun and does not provide a scientific measure of stupidity. Still, the results are quite reliable.


Visit Stupid Fight @ Stupid Fight by Tom Scott

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