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StumbleUpon Gets Visually Appealing Makeover [News]

Bakari Chavanu 09-12-2011

StumbleUpon Gets Visually Appealing Makeover [News] stumbleupon logoAccording to the online media research site, GigaOM, StumbleUpon has surpassed Facebook as “the biggest traffic driver among social media websites in the US”.  StumbleUpon has always been one of the go-to sites for discovering new and interesting stuff on the Web, and recently the site has done a significant makeover that gives it a lot more visual appeal.


The new homepage of StumbleUpon replaces the predominately text-based layout (see first screenshot below) with attractive columns of high-quality images and photos linking to topics of interests for StumbleUpon members (second screenshot).


A new “Explore Box” has also been added for making keyword and phrase searches. Unlike Google, when you do a search in StumbleUpon, you are taken directly to sites that other StumbleUpon members found interesting to recommend.


This new design is more in line with the image-driven communication of most contemporary online websites, which often means a photo can draw your attention a lot faster than single columns of text.


As you click the “Stumble!” button in the drop-down menu of the site it begins to feel like you’re browsing a museum or exposition, because each click typically takes you to some very interesting places. You can like and dislike pages you “stumble upon”, and the ones you like get bookmarked to your account.

Another new feature added to the site are Channels, which are a collection of sites, people, and brands that you might find interesting.


StumbleUpon also has a gorgeous iPad app that includes all of the features of the online website.

Source : Blogworld

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