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Stumble Your Way To New Content & Stretch Your Reading With The StumbleUpon For iOS

Saikat Basu 12-11-2012

The thing with being addicted to the computer and the web is that even when you are lazing off, you just feel like poking around the web. Call it a time-waster or a serious tool to help discover new content, StumbleUpon and the loafer in me is a match made in digital heaven. But seriously, between calling StumbleUpon as a productivity killer and a content discovery help, I would prefer to go with the latter.


StumbleUpon hardly needs an introduction. But if you have just come back from Crusoe’s island, associate it with the term “serendipitous discovery”. What this article aims to do is take aim at StumbleUpon’s iOS app and see if it can be our own wheel of fortune when it comes to discovering cool websites and useful tidbits of information. Let’s stumble.

Installing StumbleUpon On iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

You can install the app on all three Apple devices from the Apple Store. Come to think of it, StumbleUpon would be just perfect for the iPad, but I will do the review on an iPod Touch. You just need to have iOS 5 or above to install and run the app. The Apple Store page says that it is optimized for iPhone 5 capabilities and its larger screen size.

Breezing Through the Web with Interesting Stumbles

After installing the app, you actually don’t need to do much. Just log-in (or register) with your StumbleUpon account. Here’s what the first screen looks like in all its magnificence:

stumbleupon ios app

Each tile is clickable, and all lead to interesting content beyond the first tap. For instance, instead of tapping on STUMBLE: Content For You, I like to tap on STUMBLE Trending and see how the world is evolving.


stumbleupon ios

The first view you get is of a small Preview slide while the full Stumble loads in the background. See the progress of the loading page on the moving red bar above. You can just slide right to left and go on to the next content that StumbleUpon has for you. You can also tap touch the orange red Stumble button in the center to keep discovering new content across categories. StumbleUpon is intelligent as it takes some feedback from what you are thumbing-up and thumbing-down. It serves up more of the stuff that you consistently like and read.

stumbleupon ios

Make StumbleUpon More Intelligent

Reading up on trending article is good, but it may not cover any of your interests; especially if your interests lie in niche topics. You can make StumbleUpon dish up more focused posts by clarifying what your interests are. All secrets are under the menu. Click on Profile and Edit your interests.


stumbleupon ios

From the above menu, you can also click on Filter to load only articles on a particular interest, rather than allow StumbleUpon to furnish a random sampling through all your defined categories. You can edit your interests from this page too.

stumbleupon for ipad

The StumbleDNA

stumbleupon ios app


If you have been ‘liking’ pages on StumbleUpon, you will see the appearance of a neat colored bar on top. The StumbleDNA is a colorful representation of you ‘Likes’ by interest. As you Like more pages in different Interests, you’re StumbleDNA will change to show others what you are interested in. More the colors, more the range in your interests as each color stands for a particular interest. If you have other Stumblers in your network, you can tell this by looking at their StumbleDNA. If you head into STUMBLE Activity, you can Stumble through the activities of your friends.

These are the key features that make up the colorful and intuitive iOS app for StumbleUpon. Which feature do you like in the app? Probably it could be the neat ‘Slide’ which allows you to skim through content and take everything without batting an eyelid. So, after playing around with it, do tell us if the mobile app seems better than the web one. Readers have already recommended the StumbleUpon app on the Best iPhone Apps The Best New iOS Apps of 2015 (And Our Favorite Updates) We've sorted through the stream of new apps that arrived in 2015 and devised a list of our favourites just for you. Read More page. Maybe, you will too?

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