Stuff I Found On The Web – Breaking Bad, Buying A Startup On The Cheap, & More!

Mark O'Neill 03-09-2013

Today on Stuff I Found On The Web, which character in Breaking Bad are you? Plus, buying an abandoned startup on the cheap, the DeLorean Time Machine in Lego, having your dog poop delivered to your front door, and a site that tries to give you a comprehensive list of ways to close down web accounts.


Which Breaking Bad Character Are You?

Stuff I Found On The Web - Breaking Bad, Buying A Startup On The Cheap, & More! breaking bad

Right now, with only a handful of episodes to go before the series ends for good, everyone is going totally NUTS over Breaking Bad.  They’ve even gone all Big Brother on us by having a talk show on immediately after the episode, called Talking Bad, in which they have a couple of the stars on to discuss the episode (although they had Samuel L Jackson on the couch last week, which totally threw me).

So the question you should be asking yourself right now is what character on Breaking Bad fits your personality?  Are you a badass evil Walter White?  Maybe a “BITCH!” screaming Jesse Pinkman?  Or perhaps a cute cuddly Badger? (no seriously, there’s a drug addict called Badger on the show. I’m not referring to the animal).

So I turned to the web’s ultimate authority – Buzzfeed (that was sarcasm for anyone who’s a bit slow today).  Obviously my ego wanted me to be Walter White, and not Badger, but I tripped up on question one right off the bat by comparing myself to Homer Simpson, instead of Mr Burns.  But I reckoned I was well on my way by agreeing I would run over anyone who threatened me, and choosing Scarface from the list of movies.

But then disaster – I chose a puppy from the list of animals, which made me….



Yes, Badger. Fantastic.  It’s always the puppies that get me in the end. Take the test yourself and see who you end up as.

SideProjectors – Buying An Abandoned Startup On The Cheap

Stuff I Found On The Web - Breaking Bad, Buying A Startup On The Cheap, & More! sideprojectors

We’ve all had that dream.  That one day we would invent a social network of likeminded people discussing the virtues of their toilet seat collection.  Or perhaps an online marketplace for beer coasters, and as you build it, you’re screaming “eBay! I’m coming for ya!! Your days are numbered!”. But then dreams turn to reality, and you realise no-one is interested in your vast database of photos of breakfast cereal boxes.  Or your spouse tells you to give them more attention than the pet project. So your hard work starts to gather dust.


But now there is an online marketplace called SideProjectors, where you can sell those abandoned startups from as little as $10 to as much as $5,000 or over. Some people are selling the startup outright, while others are just looking for “co-founders” to help with the work and the financing.  Tabs along the top allow you to filter out the ones for sale from the ones looking for a co-founder.  You can also see which programming language the startup is in.  I mean, there’s no point buying it or becoming a co-founder if it’s in PHP and you have no idea how to do PHP.

The DeLorean Time Machine – In Lego!

Stuff I Found On The Web - Breaking Bad, Buying A Startup On The Cheap, & More! delorean

One of my all-time favourite movies is Back To The Future (the first one – the other two are a bit meh), and as a young impressionable lad, all I ever wanted from Santa Claus was a DeLorean time machine. Every Christmas, I would add it hopefully to the letter to Santa and hope that he still had one left in the factory.  Then the next morning, I would find two oranges in my stocking, and my mother would say “maybe you’ll get the time machine next year, dear….”. Yeah, along with the still undelivered stun gun, space suit, tank, rocket launcher….I was a real little Stewie Griffin when I was growing up.

But now, Lego has made all my dreams come true by bringing out the Lego version of the DeLorean time machine!  It even has a flux capacitor and fold-up wheels!  It’s currently temporarily out of stock, but I am keeping this page bookmarked, so when it comes back in stock, I can order it right away (only $35!).  The car doesn’t come with its own Jennifer Parker, but well, I guess I can live with that (I think).


Special Delivery! Yes, It’s Your Dog Poop!

Stuff I Found On The Web - Breaking Bad, Buying A Startup On The Cheap, & More! schlumpf

Being a dog owner in my own right for the first time (that’s my dog Schlumpf above), I was told by many well-meaning people (and some not so-well-meaning), that there would be legal consequences if I didn’t pick up my dog’s poop, the moment it touched the ground.  And upon checking it out, I discovered they were right. Here in Germany, you can be fined by the police if you don’t pick up the poop with a plastic bag and put it in the bin (there’s actually a department called the Ordnungsamt here that have uniformed people walking through the park on a regular basis, watching out for evil stuff like this – because you know, one day you’re ignoring dog poop, the next day you’re a fully fledged career criminal jacking cars and running drug cartels. You’ve got to nip this in the bud right away with the pooping thing).

But in a Madrid suburb in Spain, they are taking matters one step further. Volunteers are picking up the poop, boxing it up, then sending it back to you. Talk about a special delivery.

It apparently comes in a white box with a seal of the town and the label “lost and found”. Imagine someone getting all happy that they are getting post, that someone must like them enough to send them a parcel, then they discover that it was what came out their dog’s bottom a few hours previously?


There is now a 70% increase in people picking up the poop. I bet. There’s probably also a 70% increase in traumatised people opening up boxes and seeing a big poop looking right at them.

Just Delete Me – Looking To Delete That Annoying Web Account? Then Check This List

Stuff I Found On The Web - Breaking Bad, Buying A Startup On The Cheap, & More! justdeleteme

As part of my job as Blogger Extraordinaire, I tend to open up an absurd number of online accounts to test out various web apps and services.  But once the app / service has been tested, the account is more or less abandoned (unless it’s something really fantastic that defies my short attention span). But recently I have begun shutting a lot of these accounts down, because if, for example, you are trying to keep your online presence neat and tidy, the last thing you need are dozens and dozens of long abandoned web accounts littering up your Google search results. Or maybe your account has lots of comments on it that you made, that in hindsight are rather embarrassing or inconvenient?  You would do well to shut that account down right away.

But some sites make it extremely hard to let you shut your account down, while others make it utterly impossible (did you know that shutting an Evernote account was impossible?). Just Delete Me is a page with links to countless websites and details of how to shut down an account on that site. Everything is color-coded so green is “easy”, red is “difficult”, while black is “impossible”. Each box links directly to the account closure page for that site (assuming it is possible to close the account down in the first place).

That’s all today from Stuff I Found On The Web. More next time. Let us know in the comments what you think of these links.

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