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Striiv: Motivates You To Fitness With Gamification (iOS)

Israel Nicolas 03-11-2012

Some people find it hard to be motivated when it comes to fitness. For them, even recreational walking is a chore since it just isn’t fun. If you want to find some fun in fitness, then you should try out Striiv. This iOS app turns fitness into play by creating alternative RPG quests and missions to get you moving.


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Gamification is the idea of using game mechanics to keep one engaged and motivated in daily and seemingly boring activities. Striiv uses this concept to present users with challenges. For example, the first challenge is to walk 30 steps. Easy enough? It becomes more difficult as you complete each challenge, but it will also earn you more coins that you can use in an in-app world called MyLand.

MyLand lets you plant seeds on your own virtual island that you can use to collect coins. So by completing the challenges, you can get more coins to build your island garden.

You can go to the Charts tab to view your rankings and compare with friends. You can also your average steps and personal best. The more you walk, the more you get coins to make a better garden and discover the island.


Striiv also has a separate pedometer available that syncs to your iOS device. This allows you to complete your challenges without having to use your phone and drain its battery.

Gamification has been around in mobile apps for some time, but Striiv makes the experience much better by making the game just as good as the activity it encourages. Akin to Farmville, The game is immersive and addictive enough to get you to complete the challenges.

This app is available for free on the iOS App Store.


Check out Striiv @ http://www.striiv.com

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