How to Stream Videos From VLC to Chromecast
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Many media players support streaming to a Google Chromecast (making it ideal for use as a stripped down media center How To Make Chromecast Your Smart Media Centre How To Make Chromecast Your Smart Media Centre At just $18, the Chromecast is an unmistakably great way to make your TV "smart", but it can feel a bit of a one-trick pony once the initial euphoria wears off. Read More ). However, some still don’t. One of the main culprits is the popular VLC Media Player, a versatile tool in many other areas. So, why doesn’t VLC support Chromecast streaming?

Well, it turns out that this is a feature under constant development. And while it isn’t available on stable releases, Chromecast streaming actually is included in development versions. Unfortunately, it still isn’t 100 percent stable, which is why this feature isn’t included in the main VLC Media Player.

In this article we show you how to stream videos from your PC to a Chromecast using the VLC Media Player.

Time to Prepare

If you want to stream video from VLC Media Player to your TV via a Chromecast, you’ll need to ensure you have the following:

stream videos from vlc to chromecast

Simply download the version of VLC that matches your PC’s architecture, and install it. You’ll also need to ensure your Chromecast is connected to your TV, and be powered on. Check our guide to setting up your Chromecast How to Set Up Your New Google Chromecast How to Set Up Your New Google Chromecast If you own a brand new Chromecast but have no idea how to use it, let our easy-to-follow guide help you get started in mere minutes. Read More for tips and tricks if you run into any trouble.

Connect VLC to Your Chromecast

Once you’re confident the Chromecast is set up correctly, open VLC Media Player on your PC.

stream videos from vlc to chromecast

Now, open Video > Render > Scan.

stream videos from vlc to chromecast

This commences the search for the Chromecast on the network. Wait a few moments, then open the menu again, this time selecting the Chromecast option.

You’re now ready to start streaming to Chromecast, so open a video file to view in VLC. Use Media > Open File to find the video you want. Alternatively, drag a video file from an open Windows Explorer window into the VLC Media Player window.

stream videos from vlc to chromecast

Because you’re playing to a network device, the Insecure Site warning will appear. This is totally fine: click View certificate, then Accept Permanently to add the certificate to your PC.

When VLC Cannot Find Your Chromecast

In some cases, you may run into problems. There are a couple of solutions you can try here.

  1. Are you using a PC-based VPN? If so, attempting to check for the Chromecast will probably not work. Disable the VPN on your PC before attempting to connect (for the best results, set up your router with your preferred VPN server).
  2. If VLC Media Player still cannot find your Chromecast, you can input the IP address manually.

stream videos from vlc to chromecast

Find this by opening your router’s admin page, or by checking the Home app on your Android phone (specifically, the Device settings screen).

stream videos from vlc to chromecast

Open Tools > Preferences, and click All. Here, find Stream Output, and expand Sout stream, selecting Chromecast. Input the IP in the IP Address field, and click Save. Now when you open Video > Render you will see an entry for your Chromecast. Select this to continue.

Playing Videos From VLC on Your TV

All you need to do now is click Play, and the video should begin streaming to your TV. The Chromecast is capable of HD streaming, so you should be able to enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows, smartphone videos, maybe even video game streams, in high definition.

If you need to control the video, use the VLC window on your computer to pause, forward/rewind, adjust volume, etc. Any changes you make to the video in VLC will be reflected on your TV. Note that by default, the video you’re streaming will not be displayed on your PC desktop.

Future streaming can be achieved by going to Video > Render > Chromecast — now the certificate is accepted, the process is more streamlined.

Not Working? Try Google Chrome!

While the above method should work (and will probably be added to the main stable release of VLC in future), it may not work for you personally. If this is the case, and you still want to stream video from your PC via VLC, and watch it on your TV with Chromecast, you’ll be pleased to learn that you do have another option.

stream video from vlc to chromecast

It’s also possible to stream video from VLC to your TV via the Google Chrome browser. Just ensure VLC is loaded, then find the Cast button in your browser window (next to the address bar). Click this, then Cast to > Cast Desktop. With this done, click play in VLC, maximize the Window, and enjoy the video stream on your TV.

You’ll find superior video quality when streaming directly from VLC, but Google Chrome is a good substitute.

It’s Simple, But Consider Alternatives

Really, that’s all there is to it. To recap:

  • Ensure your Windows PC and Chromecast are on the same network.
  • Install the nightly build of VLC Media Player.
  • Open Video > Render > Scan.
  • Wait, then open Video > Render > Chromecast.
  • Accept the certificate, click Play, and enjoy!

Of course, there are other ways to stream content from your Windows computer to your TV. Miracast, which uses a similar HDMI wireless dongle Stop Using HDMI: Miracast Is the Wireless Alternative You'll Love Stop Using HDMI: Miracast Is the Wireless Alternative You'll Love The next time you need to stream media between devices, remember the flaws of HDMI and consider using wireless Miracast instead. It's the technology we all need and deserve. Read More , is perhaps the strongest alternative. Our comparison of Miracast and Chromecast Chromecast vs. Miracast: The Differences and Which One You Should Choose Chromecast vs. Miracast: The Differences and Which One You Should Choose In the last couple of years, Google Chromecast has become a must-have smart TV accessory. What you probably didn't know is your smart TV has a Chromecast alternative: Miracast. Read More should help here. However, a Steam Link game streaming device How to Set Up Your Steam Link for PC Gaming on Your TV How to Set Up Your Steam Link for PC Gaming on Your TV The Steam Link lets you stream your PC games to a TV for a better gaming experience. Here's everything you need to know to set up your new Steam Link. Read More can also stream video and sound from your PC to your TV.

Perhaps you have a better alternative, or maybe you’re happy with how VLC is now capable of streaming video to your Chromecast. Either way, please let us know in the comments below. And if you run into any problems don’t be afraid to ask for further guidance.

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    November 29, 2017 at 6:53 pm

    Hope VLC brings this to the Android app! ?

  2. Nick
    November 29, 2017 at 6:19 pm

    Videostream has been my go-to app to solve for my need of casting video from my home PC to any Chromecast. You install an add-on from chrome,. Point it to file location of your videos. Install app on your cellphone and connect. It makes it super easy to cast any video from PC to Chromecast, all from your phone without needing to touch the PC again.

    • Chris
      November 29, 2017 at 9:33 pm

      Yep - me too, and their regular e-mails are a hoot!