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How to Stream Video to Xbox One From Windows 10

Brad Jones 26-01-2017

Microsoft designed the Xbox One to be the core of your living room’s entertainment center How to Build a Home Theater on the Cheap Building a home theater can be an expensive process. However, with these tips, you can build a great home theater on the cheap. Read More . The system’s deep links with Windows 10 should make it easy to stream video and other content from your PC. Unfortunately, setting up a video stream can be tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing.


Streaming video from your PC to your Xbox One without the proper know-how can be a very frustrating experience, especially if the two devices are situated in different rooms. Even when you’ve found a strategy that works, you may find that it fails when faced with a particular video, or even at random.

In such a scenario, it’s worth having more than one method at your disposal. With these three techniques in your back pocket, you should never have difficulties streaming content to your Xbox One ever again.


General Setup

Before we head into the details, we need to prepare a couple of things — and they apply to all the solutions listed in this article:

  1. Switch your Xbox One on so that your PC can communicate with the system.
  2. Confirm that both devices are connected to the same network Network Problems? 7 Diagnostic Tricks and Simple Fixes Network problems must be diagnosed before they can be resolved. This article covers seven simple tricks for fixing your network. Read More .

Now you’re ready to go!


1. Cast to Device

The easiest way to stream video to your Xbox One doesn’t require much more effort than a right-click. Find the video you want to stream to your Xbox One in File Explorer. Right-click the desired file, hover over Cast to Device with your cursor and select Xbox One.

How to Stream Video to Xbox One From Windows 10 cast to device

Check to see whether the video is playing on your Xbox One. If it isn’t, work your way through the other methods below.

2. Open With the Films & TV App

Using the Cast to Device button is definitely the easiest way of streaming a particular video to your Xbox One 10 Useful Xbox One Settings You Should Know About Here are the most useful Xbox One settings you should know about to unlock new features and get more from your gaming console. Read More . However, if it doesn’t work, there’s a very similar method that may get the job done.


First, find the video that you want to watch. Then, right-click it and use the Open with option to select the Films & TV app.

How to Stream Video to Xbox One From Windows 10 open with films tv

Your video should open in the app and start playing. Pause it and click the ellipsis button in the player.

How to Stream Video to Xbox One From Windows 10 films and tv app


Select Cast to Device and wait for the list of devices to load. Click Xbox One and check if the video starts playing How to Get Smoother Playback on Plex With a Simple Fix Plex is awesome but the quality isn't always perfect. Here's a neat fix you can use to get optimized quality at all times. Read More on your system.

Despite using the same verbiage as the earlier method, this process differs behind the scenes. Thus it’s worth trying both techniques if you’re having trouble streaming.

3. Set Up a Shared Library

If the above two methods don’t work, which can happen sometimes, here’s yet another solution. Instead of streaming particular videos, we’ll set up a shared folder Unlock the Secret "Share" Action in Windows 10 UWP apps have a built-in ability to share certain things with other apps but this feature is, for some reason, disabled by default. Here's how to turn it on and start using it! Read More that’s accessible from your console.

Set Up Homegroup Sharing

First, open up the Control Panel and head to the Network and internet section. Click Choose homegroup and sharing options.


How to Stream Video to Xbox One From Windows 10 choose homegroup

On the next screen, click Create a homegroup.

How to Stream Video to Xbox One From Windows 10 create a homegroup

Make your way through the wizard. It’ll ask you to set the permissions for various different folders on the screen pictured below.

How to Stream Video to Xbox One From Windows 10 sharing settings

Since we’re only looking to stream video, I’ve chosen to only share that folder. However, if you feel like sharing your pictures, music, or anything else, by all means do so. Just remember that anyone that uses your Xbox One could access those files.

On the next screen, make a note of the password set up to protect your Homegroup Home Network Tip: How to Share Files & Folders Between Windows User Accounts Sometimes computer can be physically very close together, but seem miles apart when you try transfer a file. Use this guide to help you fling files from PC to PC with the greatest of ease. Read More . We won’t need to use it to stream video to your Xbox One, but it’s worth remembering. Once you’re done, click Finish to end the process.

Add Video to Homegroup

Now it’s time to add some content to your Videos folder so that there’s something there when you access it from your Xbox One.

Open File Explorer and navigate to This PC > Videos. Make sure there’s at least one test video there that you can stream to your Xbox One. But don’t bother with migrating your entire collection until you’ve confirmed that setup has been successful. The console’s Media Player app can handle a host of popular formats, including AVI, MKV, MOV, and WMV. A full list of supported formats is available on the Xbox website.

How to Stream Video to Xbox One From Windows 10 video folder

Next, head to your Xbox One and open the Media Player app from the Games & Apps menu. You should see a folder labelled with the name of your PC. Open it and find the Videos folder. Try and play your content to see if setup has been successful.

Xbox Video Stream Established

Hopefully, one of the three methods of streaming video content How to Cast Your Android Screen to Windows 10 With Miracast and Connect In Windows 10 version 1607, you can wirelessly cast your Android screen to your desktop using the Connect app. We show you how to set up this magical screen mirror. Read More to your Xbox One has worked. Remember that both your Xbox and your Windows device have to be on the same network.

Now we’d love to hear from you!

Which solution worked for you? Do you have another tip on how to stream video from a Windows 10 PC to an Xbox One? Or are you still struggling with the process? Please share in the comments below.

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  1. Tomik
    February 11, 2017 at 3:11 pm

    Looks like MS uses UPnP protocol for streaming to XBox One. I use "play-to" in WMP to stream to XBox.