How To Watch RapidShare Movies On Your Computer

Simon Slangen 16-04-2010

Streaming free movies is becoming more of a valid alternative to ‘real’ downloads. Instead of having to wait for an entire download to finish, you can just keep pace and tag along.


The problems with video streaming always boils down to quality. Not all movies free streaming movies offer enjoyable resolutions, especially when you live outside the U.S. and are deprived of Hulu and the like.

As a RapidShare user, I recently went looking for a streaming platform. After all, movies can be uploaded in splendid quality, and downloaded only partly, if necessary. This tutorial details how. Unfortunately, due to all the restrictions, this technique doesn’t work for free RapidShare accounts.


Be sure to inform yourself of copyright laws in your country. Downloading copyrighted material can be illegal and punishable by law. Doing so will be at your own risk.

Step One – Install The DivX Web Player

The application we’re going to use, RapidWareX, streams RapidShare movies with the DivX web player; an incredible and equally famous video platform. To save us a bit of trouble later, download and install the DivX web player on your computer.


Step Two – Install RapidWareX

Next, we’re going to download and install RapidWareX. Essentially a fully-fledged RapidShare downloader, this application can be used for other purposes than just a streaming intermediary. In this article, we’re only going to discuss the latter aspect.

how to watch rapidshare movies

Because the RapidWareX application is merely a single EXE file, you just need to unzip it to the right folder, and optionally add a quick start shortcut manually. In the application, add your account details under Settings, and press Update. Apart from the green checkmark, RapidWareX will also show you how many megabytes you’ve got left. Remembering your details will eliminate this step in future occasions.

Step Three – Start The RapidWareX Stream

To launch a RapidShare streaming session, fire up the application and go to the Add Links tab. In the second big text field, add your RapidShare link(s) and press the streaming button as indicated in the screenshot below. RapidWareX supports the following formats:

  • DivX or XviD encoded.
  • Extensions .avi .divx or .mkv.
  • Collection of uncompressed and unencrypted .rar files (storage mode).
  • Collection of HJSplit files (e.g. *.avi.001).

You can use FilesTube (recommended) or an alternative RapidShare search engine. Using FilesTube’s advanced search, you can omit results from other file sharing sites, and even specify the file type.

how to watch rapidshare movies

Your primary browser will launch with a final verification of the input link(s). In case Auto Detect doesn’t provide the right results, here you can also specify the link type manually.

watch rapidshare movies


A final button gets you your video, in all its glory. The DivX web player gets you the same resolution as you would’ve had with a finished download. Of course, you can also switch to full screen, or even make the video pop out of your browser in a separate window.

watch rapidshare movies

With less than a few minutes effort, you can start watching a video from RapidShare as soon as you’ve got the link.

Do you know any other cool video streaming alternatives? Let us know in the comments section below.


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    Hey Simon, excellent howto! :-)