You Can Now Stream 4K Netflix on Windows 10
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Netflix is finally offering 4K streaming on Windows 10. Unfortunately the list of requirements is so long that probably only a handful of people qualify. Still, even the lure of 4K Netflix on Windows 10 is better than nothing.

Millions of people around the world now pay for Netflix. And while there are reasons why you as an individual may want to avoid Netflix, it’s a fantastic service. In fact, you should probably be paying more for Netflix, even though its catalog is shrinking.

One of the reasons people love Netflix is its 4K content. Netflix is one of the biggest providers of 4K content around, and those with smart TVs or set-top boxes have been able to stream Netflix content in 4K for some time. However, PC users haven’t been afforded the same luxury.

Until now.

In a post on the Windows Blog, Microsoft reveals that 4K content from Netflix is now exclusively available on Windows 10 PCs. That’s the good news. But the list of conditions attached to streaming 4K Netflix on your PC means this probably won’t apply to you personally.

Please Jump Through These Hoops

To watch 4K Netflix on your PC you will need a Netflix subscription which supports streaming in Ultra HD, a Windows 10 PC with a 4K-capable screen and a 7th-generation (Kaby Lake) Intel Core processor, and to be using Microsoft Edge as your browser of choice.

To be clear this rules out the vast majority of people reading this. There are only a handful of devices that hit the minimum specs requirements, and even if you do own one of these devices you’ll then have to upgrade your Netflix plan and start using Microsoft Edge.

For this reason we suggest you just forget you ever read this and go about your business. You’re probably happy watching Netflix content in standard 1080p HD anyway, and if you really want to switch to 4K, just buy a Chromecast Ultra and be done with it.

Do you own a 4K TV? If so, how often do you actually watch 4K content? And from what sources? Would you consider upgrading your Windows PC just to watch Netflix content in 4K? Please let us know in the comments below!

Image Credit: Matthew Keys via Flickr

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  1. likefunbutnot
    November 22, 2016 at 1:17 pm

    The alternative for users running any desktop OS besides 10 and not using Edge is 720p at best (10/Edge users can have 1080p). Netflix on a PC of any sort is highly underwhelming at this point.

    This is particular aggravating since Windows 8 and 10 gave an official Netflix client in the Windows Store and even that is limited to the same modest quality.