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For Real? The Strangest Apps on the Windows Store

Sandy Writtenhouse 13-02-2017

We see oddities all around us. We shake our heads at strange websites, raise our eyebrows at bizarre mobile apps, and scratch our noggins at offbeat browser extensions. So why should the Windows Store be immune from weirdness?


As this article demonstrates, it certainly has its share of unusual apps and games. Here are 10 of the wackiest.

Odd but Entertaining Apps

1. Voodoo Magic

Express your anger or let the love flow with Voodoo Magic. This ultimate love–hate app for Windows gives you the tools you need to either relieve your stress or display your affection.

When you open the app, you simply choose to vent your frustrations or show a little love. After you select your victim, you will use the tools provided to create that magic.

For Real? The Strangest Apps on the Windows Store VooDooMagic WindowsApp

When you are feeling furious you can stick the voodoo doll with pins and pokers. But if your sweetheart is on your mind, you can toss in candies and cookies.


Voodoo Magic is unusual. However, it’s also entertaining and may just cure what ails you.

2. Do NOT Press the Button!

The name of this next app says it all. Do NOT press the button! dares you to do just that. But, if you did not plan to press the button, you would not bother downloading the app, right?

For Real? The Strangest Apps on the Windows Store DoNotPressButton WindowsApp

Each time you press the button that you are instructed not to press, you will see a different sarcastic or witty response. This actually makes pressing the button that much more enjoyable.


Is Do NOT Press the Button! strange and silly? Absolutely. But, will it make you smile at least once? Most likely.

3. Ghost Radar: Classic

If you are ready to shout “I ain’t afraid of no ghosts!”, then this app is for you. Ghost Radar: Classic uses your device or computer to detect paranormal activity in your immediate area.

For Real? The Strangest Apps on the Windows Store GhostRadarClassic WindowsApp

You can spot apparitions on the radar, but don’t blink because they disappear quickly. As a bonus, turn up your audio because the app will also speak and display any words it hears from the spirits. What’s the significance of those words? Well, only those from the beyond know.


Ghost Radar: Classic has an entertaining concept, but is a bit uneventful, unless you live in a haunted house of course.

4. Mind Reader

Mind Reader is the app that you will likely be most skeptical about. But it is actually pretty cool. Just follow the instructions and be prepared to be amazed at the results.

For Real? The Strangest Apps on the Windows Store MindReader WindowsApp

You will first be asked to think of a double-digit number. Then, you will add the digits together and subtract that amount from the original number. Next, find the symbol corresponding to your final number and click the crystal ball. Boom! The app will display the correct symbol.


Most people would agree that an app cannot seriously read your mind. However, Mind Reader is honestly enjoyable and continuing to try and trick it is fun.

5. Would You Choose?

If you are up for answering some strange questions and seeing how many others answered like you, take a look at Would You Choose?. With over 400 questions, you will pick between Yes and No or Options A and B for your answers.

For Real? The Strangest Apps on the Windows Store WouldYouChoose WindowsApp

What makes this Windows app different is that the questions can be quite odd. You may be asked something simple like Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed? But then Would you rather be without elbows or knees? pops up.

From there, risqué questions might also appear, so beware. Needless to say, the app is not appropriate for children.

Would You Choose? is an interesting time-waster and when you fall into the minority with your answers, it does make you wonder why.

Unusual but Amusing Games

6. Puccones Is Hungry

If you enjoy endless runners, then Puccones is Hungry is one that you might like if you can get past the out-of-the-ordinary 2D visuals.

Your goal in this game is to guide Puccones to eat the foods on the path to score points. Along the way, you must avoid the rotten cake and dangerous enemies coming at you.

For Real? The Strangest Apps on the Windows Store PucconesIsHungry WindowsApp

The game starts extremely simple, but does get a bit challenging 5 Popular Games With Weird or Broken Physics Sometimes, even the best games have problems. Here are some games that don't quite obey the laws of physics. Read More as you go. Puccones does not jump as well as you would think, but that is probably due to all of the food she is eating.

The visuals in the game are what really make it stand out as an unusual app. With a blend of an actual nature background, cartoon enemies, realistic food items, and the photo of the main character’s head, it is worth downloading Desktop vs. Microsoft Store Apps: Which Should You Download? Should you get your Windows apps from the Microsoft Store, or use traditional desktop programs? Here are the main differences. Read More just to see it.

7. Paper Toss Mania

You have played it in your room as a kid and may still enjoy it in your office. Paper Toss Mania takes that physical game of tossing the paper into the trash can to the next level as a Windows game.

For Real? The Strangest Apps on the Windows Store PaperTossMania WindowsApp

You simply click when the paper’s arrow is aimed at the trash can. For every toss you land in the can, you score. The tricky part is the fan in the room blowing your paper wad here and there. The fan switches sides of the screen and does include an indicator for the wind strength, which helps.

Paper Toss Mania is not the strangest game on the Windows Store, by any means. It is just simple enough of a concept to make it an odd game to play on your computer. But, it might be quite fitting for passing the time at work 6 Games to Waste Time at the Office It's no secret that being productive is in vogue, but what happens when you want to kill those final few hours before the weekend? Read More on a slow day.

8. Crazy Dentist

If you have always wanted to try your hand at dentistry, then Crazy Dentist is the game for you. Pick a patient, choose your tools, and clean up that horrible mouth.

Each tool that you select will show which nasty tooth type it can be used on. You will start by removing those gross brown ones, move on to scraping that tooth decay away, and then brush off the yellowness.

For Real? The Strangest Apps on the Windows Store CrazyDentist WindowsApp

When your patient is finished with the cleanup, you can pop cute decals onto the teeth if you like. Finally, you can snap and save a photo for your future-dentistry portfolio.

Crazy Dentist is odd with its hideous patients’ mouths. And, you must be pretty skilled to clean and correct those all of those disgusting teeth. But, if you like ghastly-looking mouths, give it a go.

9. Stop the Scroll [No Longer Available]

Stop the Scroll challenges you to land the moving square on a specific number by clicking a button. The square will continue to scroll over each number on the screen. With each click on the correct number, the square will move faster.

For Real? The Strangest Apps on the Windows Store StopTheScroll WindowsApp

What is unusual about Stop the Scroll is; that is all there is to the game. You do not score, you do not have lives, and you do not move through levels. You do have to be fast as well as accurate. So, perhaps it is meant to test your reflexes? See what you think.

10. The Very Hungry Caterpillars

What is stranger than a taco that shoots tomato slices? Well, a taco that shoots tomato slices at caterpillars, of course! In The Very Hungry Caterpillars, you are the taco. As the green critters move in to eat you, click to take them out with your tomatoes.

For Real? The Strangest Apps on the Windows Store VeryHungryCatepillars WindowsApp

You start with a health level of five and lose a point each time a caterpillar takes a nibble of your shell. Just rotate your taco-self and click to flick those tomatoes to score a point for each caterpillar you eliminate.

Add Your Peculiar Find to the List

What strange and unusual app have you come across on the Windows Store? Maybe you found an out-of-the-ordinary app, bizarre game This Strange Text Adventure Game Was Made in Google Forms Text adventure games have been around for quite some time. Someone has recently created one using Google Forms -- here's where you can check it out. Read More , or something totally off the wall.

We would love to hear from you, so please share your odd findings with us in the comments!

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