5 Strange Ways to Use Emojis

Mihir Patkar 03-10-2017

Egyptians would be proud of us today. The world has come full circle on hieroglyphics as we now regularly express ourselves in little drawings. Emojis are a useful and convenient way to communicate. But they can also be a little strange.


This isn’t about if you know the correct meanings of emojis Do You Use Wrong Emojis? Take This Quiz to Know the Meanings Emojis are now a part of everyday conversation for you. But are you using them correctly? Test yourself with the quizzes and tools. Read More . It’s about the extraordinary things some people do with this pictorial language. From shortening links to creating art, there is a wonderfully weird side to emojis you need to check out.

1. Emojify: An Emoji-Based URL Shortener [No Longer Available]

URL shorteners are an excellent way to reduce long web page addressed into easily clickable (and memorable) links. Emojify is perhaps the shortest link-maker of them all since it uses an emoji to do it.

emoji weird emojify

Copy-paste any web address into the box on the site and click Shorten. You’ll get a list of different emoji options to share with others. If you know the meanings of emojis What Does This Emoji Mean? Emoji Face Meanings Explained Confused by the emojis in that text message you just got? Here are the commonly accepted meanings of popular emojis. Read More , it’s a nice way to share a shortened URL while still letting the recipient know what to expect. For example, a link with movie clapper emoji tells you it’s something related to films.

Of course, you could even create your own URL shortener The Advantages of Setting Up Your Own URL Shortener and How to Do It In a world of 140 characters, and short attention spans, you need to get as much text as possible in your Twitter status, if you are going to effectively get your message across. Read More , but for that, you’ll need an emoji-based domain name. Don’t worry, we have you covered on that too.


2. Domainoji: Make an Emoji Domain

Did you know you can register a domain name made with an emoji? It’s strange, but it’s true. And it’s surprisingly easy too. The catch is that you won’t get a “.com”, the only option is a “.ws” extension.

emoji weird domainoji

Look, the change from .com is fine Google Chose .XYZ Over .Com for Alphabet. Is .Com Irrelevant? Alphabet, parent company of Google, is found at and not – is this the beginning of the end for .Com? Read More since top-level domains (TLDs) with the “com” suffix aren’t that important anymore. But registering an emoji-based domain is a little difficult and technical nonetheless. Domainoji makes the process simple in the “what you see is what you get” sense.

Use emojis (and alphanumerics if you want) to make the domain name, and follow the steps to register it. It’ll be indexed by search engines too. Just make sure you use a universal emoji, not a platform-specific one.

3. Emoji Brush: Create an Emoji Masterpiece

If GIFs can be art GIFs, The Language Of The Web: Their History, Culture, and Future Everything you ever wanted to know about the history of GIFs, how they've evolved, and their cultural impact and significance. Read More , why can’t emojis? Emoji Brush lets you create your own masterpiece with emojis. While it sounds weird, you can end up with amazing works like this.

weird emoji brush

From the palette at the top, choose the color you want for your brush. Click and move the mouse to draw. But instead of the solid color, Emoji Brush will fill your strokes with emojis of the color you choose. It’s quite cool and looks better than you would have thought.

The faster you move your brush, the larger the emojis appear. You can “Ctrl + Z” any brush stroke to undo it. And your final masterpiece can be saved to disk to share with anyone. Nice, eh?

4. Emoji Party: A Trippy Experiment

It’s hard to describe Emoji Party, but I’ll try. It’s a customizable audio-visual canvas of emojis, floating and moving and zooming all at once. “Trippy” might be the best word to describe it.

weird emoji party

While the full screen does its thing, at the right, you’ll see a small pane of emojis on the right. Click any to add it to your screen. Backspace removes an emoji. Add as many or as little as you want, and let the party go on.

Being as tone-deaf as I am, I’m not sure of this, but each emoji seems to have its own sound profile. Click the emoji on the screen to activate that sound, adding layers to your background. It’s almost like you’re a DJ. A weird, weird, weird DJ…

5. EmojiCode: A Programming Language in Emojis

What do you mean you want easy programming languages for beginners 6 Easiest Programming Languages to Learn for Beginners Learning to program is about finding the right language just as much as it's about the edification process. Here are the top six easiest programming languages for beginners. Read More ? Real* coders write in emojis.

Theo Weidmann decided that programming wasn’t hard enough or universal enough, so they invented a new language. It’s called EmojiCode, and as you might guess, it uses emojis. And no, this isn’t a joke or a prank, it’s actually a functional language.

weird emoji code

Naturally, other people are divided on how useful this is, but that’s not the point at all. Something like this needs to be done for the purest of geek reasons: “Because we can.”

*The definition of real is subjective because reality is subjective.

What Weird Uses Can You Think Of?

Emojis have come a long way in a short time, from making art with them to taking people to court over emojis Could Your Emoji Use Land You in Court? Language is always evolving, and so are the symbols and smileys we increasingly use to imply tone and body language. Read More . But this is just the beginning, and we’re going to see much more from this new language of pictures.

What are the weird ways you would use emojis right now or in the future? How can this language be put to creative and strange applications?

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