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5 Websites To Buy Strange & Unique Tech Gifts For A Student

Joel Jordon 06-09-2010

<firstimage=”//”>strange unique giftsDo you know a geeky college student for whom some regular old dorm furniture or school supplies just won’t suffice as gifts? Would this geeky college student instead appreciate a strange and unique tech gift like a walking robot pencil sharpener?


Look no further. There are plenty of sites where you can find the perfect gift for a tech-obsessed college student who just won’t settle for something typical.


strange unique giftsCheck out‘s Back to School page for a huge range of original gift possibilities. To give you an idea of the kinds of strange and unique gifts you can find on ThinkGeek, let’s imagine a hypothetical morning in the life of a hypothetical college student who owns many of ThinkGeek’s products. You’ll notice how these things make his morning so much more exciting.

First, his super-loud alarm clock that doubles as a bed-shaker wakes him up for his morning classes. When he heads off to shower behind his shower curtain that has the periodic table printed on it, he uses some bacon soap or caffeinated soap to get clean. After showering, he throws on his shirt that has a constantly updated WiFi signal indicator on the front.

strange unique gifts


Next he pours some coffee into his mug that looks like a laboratory beaker, and then he staples the pages of last night’s homework together without actually using any staples. Finally he hurries off to class, but not before grabbing his pen that folds out like a butterfly knife, his notepad with sheets that look like the front of an iPod, and, because it’s raining outside, his light-up umbrella straight from Blade Runner.

Okay, there probably isn’t anyone geeky enough to want to do all of that, and you’re probably not going to buy him all of those gifts, but you get the idea: ThinkGeek has tons of unique gift choices for a college student.

Although ThinkGeek probably has the most extensive selection of strange and unique tech products, there are other sites out there worth checking out before you buy your college student a gift.


5 Websites To Buy Strange & Unique Tech Gifts For A Student firebox1Firebox has a nice selection of products. Some of its most popular gifts that are sure to please a tech-obsessed college student include a portable charger with enough juice to charge an iPhone four times over and USB drives that look like Star Wars characters.


If ThinkGeek’s bed-shaking alarm clock wasn’t enough, Firebox’s alarm clock that sends a propeller flying off of its top should do the trick.

unique gifts

It’s the perfect gift for any college student who has trouble waking up early (i.e., all college students).  Since the student has to replace the propeller in order to shut the alarm off, they’ll be forced to get out of bed. Maybe it’s not exactly the most pleasant of gifts, but it’s certainly useful!

Perpetual Kid

unique giftsPerpetual Kid is another great source for unique little gifts. Be sure to check out their desk & office section to find plenty of products that will help to liven up any student’s desk. You’ll find speakers shaped like high heels, plunger phone stands, voodoo pen holders, and much more.


If your student is in need of a wireless mouse for her laptop, consider Perpetual Kid’s novelty Lego mouse or ice cream sandwich mouse.

unique gifts

Combine either of those with a mousepad made up of sheets that she can write on, and you’ve got a great gift.


5 Websites To Buy Strange & Unique Tech Gifts For A Student gizmineGizmine brings you wacky USB devices, watches, and more straight from Japan, making it the go-to source if you’re buying gifts for an otaku.


Among Gizmine’s selection of strange products are some odd USB drives attached to rubber men and sushi.

strange unique gifts

You’ll also find high-tech watches with displays that look like heart monitors and Japanese train platform signs. It’s weird stuff to be sure, but perhaps you know a college student who would love them.

I Want One Of Those

5 Websites To Buy Strange & Unique Tech Gifts For A Student iwantoneofthoseIf you live in the UK or are willing to pay a little extra for shipping, I Want One of Those is definitely a site worth taking a look at.

Some of the odd products worth considering as gifts on I Want One of Those include these pillows that play music and these lenses and tripods (if your student happens to have an iPhone but not a camera).

strange unique gifts

And if Gizmine’s watches are too expensive or look too high-tech, consider one of these watches that makes you do a little math to figure out the time.


If you need some more shopping help, be sure to check out MakeUseOf’s shopping guide The MakeUseOf Online Shopping Guide Learn how to hunt sales and use the latest websites and tools to do online shopping the right way. Read More .

What strange and unique gift did you decide to buy for your college student?

Image sources: iprole and ilco

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