This Strange Text Adventure Game Was Made in Google Forms
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While it’s not rare for games today to have multi-million dollar budgets and graphics that drop jaws, early games didn’t have such luxuries. The choose-your-own-adventure books of bygone days had a similar type of game: an all-text adventure that confined you to reading about the world around you. It was up to you to imagine the details and fill in the blanks.

Taking a versatile tool in an interesting direction, developer Porpentine, whose website holds a whole host of interesting games, has created a brief text-adventure game in Google Forms. Titled All Your Time-Tossed Selves, it’s a strange adventure that probably won’t make much more sense when you’re finished than when you’ve just begun.

The adventure takes advantage of the different types of questions that Forms allows, including drop-down menus and checkboxes. It almost reads like poetry, and does indeed take different paths based on what you answer.

Perhaps more interesting than going through the questions is reviewing the results, which shows you the breakdown of how everyone playing through answered (11,000 at the time of writing). Presented with odd questions framing some narrative, how will people respond? Do yourself a favor and have a look through those results when you’re done with the game.

Think you can do a better job? Check out tools that let you make your own text adventure game.

Did you like this text game, or did you find it too strange? Let us know your favorite choose-your-own adventure games in the comments!

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